Straight Boy Wanked - Fit Lad Rob London Gets Rubbed!
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Straight Boy Wanked – Fit Lad Rob London Gets Rubbed!

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Video title: Straight Young Muscular Lad gets Manhandled for the 1st Time & his Rock Hard Uncut Cock Fires Cum!

Source: EnglishLads

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Seeing a straight boy wanked off for the first time by another guy is a highlight of EnglishLads. I think you all know that already.

When we first saw Rob London back in July he was instantly popular. Click here to check out that post.

You can see why.

He’s a very handsome and super fit young man, with a great horny attitude. You can tell he’s a real ladies man.

During his first wank session he had Romeo Tilling and another friend hanging out in the background. They all went together to shoot their cock rubbing videos which might tell you something about their friendship dynamics.

Being sporty and fit guys you can probably predict they’re pretty chilled out about being naked around their friends. It was still a nice surprise to see Romeo assisting in the debut by delivering the iPad to Rob while he was wanking his stiff uncut 7 inch dick.

While I don’t think they’ve been wanking off to porn together that kind of easygoing attitude shows they could if the opportunity was there.


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Rob is definitely pushing ahead and exploring new things in this video.

We get to see the straight boy wanked by a guy for the first time in a massage session. He really seems to enjoy it.

After getting his back and butt oiled up with a little hole flashing, he flips over and soon his slippery hooded penis is being rubbed in manly hands.

Most of you know that guys wank a cock with a lot more skill than any woman, so it’s no surprise to me that Rob gets so hard and so throbbing while his prick is being pumped and his balls played with.

You know it’s a surprise to him too, right?

Needless to say, he finishes with a good messy cum plashing climax.

He takes over on his own cock and after all that rubbing his meat is ready to gush that sperm up his jock body in a great finish that has us all erupting with him 🙂

I can’t wait to see him swapping cocks with some of the other bators there. Before that, though, I think it would be cool to see all three friends getting naked and wanking out some loads together watching porn. I guess Nick at EnglishLads might think that’s not much of a pay off for the expense, but we would all love to see just a group of straight mates freely playing with their own cocks together, right?

Check out some of the tame pics here, but click to see every slippery cock stroking moment of Rob’s first man wank 🙂

Run time: 38:28

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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