Straight Footballer Ethan Williams is a natural show-off

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Video title: Young Straight Footballer Wanks his Big Uncut Cock & Shoots a Nice Load & Showers After!

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It’s always fun when a new horny bator arrives at English Lads, but it’s even more fun when they’re a naturally easygoing guy like 21-year-old Ethan Williams and don’t seem to have any shame when it comes to wanking and spurting some good loads in front of other guys.

This footballer is definitely straight, but as you might expect he’s far more open about being naked and enjoying his long uncut cock than most average straight guys. I’ve said it a few times in the past but it certainly seems to be supported – lads who have a history of team showers with their mates are far more open about wanking with other guys.

I think it’s the natural result of being used to getting naked with other lads, seeing cocks bouncing around and swelling up, the banter between guys in the showers and the natural horniness and exhibitionism that comes with it. I’ve met a lot of bators like him and I’m convinced that attitude of masculine confidence and horniness we all associate with that kind of environment leads men to be more easygoing about sharing their wanks with other lads.

He even tells us about a few of his teammates being hung, and how most of the lads aren’t shy at all about showing off their meat.

That’s why I think this guy is so down for rubbing his cock on camera, and why he’s seemingly not concerned at all when the cameraman offers to give his 7.5-inch cock some rubs for him. He really does have an impressive cock, pale and stiff, with a big bulging head on it. I don’t think there are many of you who wouldn’t enjoy giving him a hand with it.

I have no doubt that Ethan has wanked off with at least one of his mates before, probably more than one, but I doubt he’s ever made contact before. He just has that natural confidence about him where enjoying that pink uncut cock and splashing a good load out isn’t a big deal, so I can imagine that maybe when he’s offered the chance to come back and rub dicks with one of their other horny bators he’s probably gonna discover just how much he likes that, too.

Considering he’s been holding back his load for a few days in preparation for this video you can be sure he’s gonna finish it with a big mess of hot cum leaping from that footballer cock and pooling on his stomach.

Check out some pics and click through for the video, I can’t be the only one looking forward to seeing him frotting with one of the other guys there and experiencing that for the first time.

Run time: 35:42

Click for the video
Click for the video
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