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Straight Footballer Harvey Jones splashes cum up his abs in his debut shoot

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UPDATE: Harvey makes a surprise appearance in his buddy Alfie’s first solo wank, with him and their friend Ciaren joining in with their own hard cocks! Click for more

Gallery title: Fit Footballer Harvey Jones Show Off His Muscular Body and Shoots A Load!

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This is unfortunately another one of those times where I don’t have any promo photos to share with you other than the one pic they’re using to lure you in. I almost didn’t post about Harvey Jones because of that but this is actually the second time we’ve seen him and I’m pretty certain we’re gonna be seeing him a lot more in 2020, so it’s probably best to get all of his shoots on here in one form or another.

We’ve seen him in his underwear in the recent video of his mate Ciaren Jones wanking off. Harvey and their other friend Alfie Payne came in to hang around with Ciaren while he was stroking his hard cock.

I think it’s obvious all three are pretty good mates and seeing their buddy stiff and stroking it doesn’t seem to be a problem for them. That bodes really well for some future circle jerk sessions!

I have to say that this 21-year-old is pretty good looking, and he’s got a great body too. One of the best things about him, though, is that he’s basically smiling throughout this solo shoot, playing with his pink uncut dick and wanking off for the lads, finishing up with a good hot mess of cum splashing over his abs.

He’s still grinning by the end of it and I think we’re all just waiting for that first time he gets his cock out for a wank with one of his buddies.

Again, sorry there’s only one pic to show you for this new shoot, but it’s better than nothing. I would recommend clicking through and checking him out in the full gallery. Maybe leave a comment on his gallery there and let them know you want to see him rubbing dicks with one of the other guys? 🙂

shirtless straight guy Harvey Jones in gay porn for englishlads.
Harvey is real happy to be showing off his uncut cock

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