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Straight frottage and mutual wanking for horny lads Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins

Site reviewThis is something pretty special, and I think a lot of you are going to agree.

We have a couple of the horniest straight lads together for a new shoot, one packed with plenty of cock play, straight frottage and mutual wanking, and plenty of cum too!

You probably know Rich Wills came back after several years away from the site to get some more innocent mutual dick play with new straight boy Jack Harper recently, and he seemed to have a whole lot of fun wanking cream out with the lad after a lot of wanking. We were all hoping he would be back again to share that 9-inch uncut cock with another one of their guys, and here he is!

Joel Jenkins is the guy getting to experience that long uncut cock, getting his own impressive intact dick out and sharing it with the guy. They’re not wasting too much time, after groping those bulges in their shorts and starting to get hard the lads haul out each other’s cocks and get wanking, comparing their lengths, getting a feel of the others warm and pink shaft, sliding those foreskins back and rubbing each other.

As a massive fan of frotting and swordfighting between guys I love seeing these guys so hard and so horny as they stroke their boners together, shaft-against-shaft. They’re clearly having a lot of fun and just can’t seem to stop grabbing the other by the dick and giving their new buddy some jerking.

It’s perhaps no wonder these guys shoot off so much cream by the end of it. Joel splashes a good load of cum out of his cock and covers his abs with juice, Rich isn’t far behind and unloads one of his power shots, squirting cum right over his shoulder!

There’s no denying these guys had a good time with those dicks, they were so hard and throbbing throughout the shoot and those cum loads are pretty damn good. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more from both of these guys in the future and I can’t wait.

The gallery is up on the site and it’s worth checking out, but while we’re waiting for the video of these two horny wankers together you should also be checking out their videos and seeing them sharing mutual wanking and some straight frotting with plenty of other guys.

click to see Joel Jenkins and Rich Wills rubbing cocks together

two straight guys in a straight frottage shoot for the English Lads porn site
Straight lads Rich Wills and Joel Jenkins meet for the first time.
2 straight guys in a wanking and frottage shoot
Rich and Joel compare their athletic builds before getting down to cock groping
Two guys showing off their cock bulges to each other
The first look at cock bulges only makes the lads more curious
two straight guys feeling another guy's cock bulge
The lads get their first feel of the growing uncut cock in the others shorts
2 straight lads laying on a bed and groping each other
Getting comfortable, the lads can’t stop feeling those dicks
Cock bulges rubbing together
Their long uncut cocks are already starting to thicken as they rub their bulges together
Two guys rubbing dicks
Soon enough those cocks will be meeting shaft-to-shaft
Two guys rubbing cock bulges together in a straight frottage shoot
Which of the lads is already getting damp with precum at the thought of wanking each other?
Straight guys getting their big uncut cocks out together
It’s time to compare those hard uncut cocks, rub them together and wank each other off.
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