Jock Blake gives himself a messy straight guy cum facial
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A straight guy cum facial with new jock dude Blake

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I admit that I’m making a few assumptions when I say this, but I think straight jock dude Blake might have experienced some cock play with some of his buddies in the past. He’s a sporty and adventurous guy who loves the outdoors, and I get the impression that if he was camping with a buddy a little friendly jerking wouldn’t be out of the question.

This is the first time the horny guy has been on video, but he’s come prepared. He usually jerks off once a day but he’s been holding back in the hope of getting a more impressive finish for the fans. Let’s just say that it works.

I think he probably cums a lot anyway, but all this pent-up horniness seems to make him extra loaded with jizz.

After a long session of cock play, rubbing his dick and building up to a messy finish, he starts cumming and unloads a massive mess that you need to see. The semen spews from his cock and flies right over his head, splashing in his hair, over his face and making a mess all over his chest too!

I love a good straight guy cum facial in a solo like this, and I’m hoping we might be seeing him sharing that cock with one of their other guys in the next couple of weeks. I get the feeling he’s gonna be down for exploring some dick play with another dude.

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[…] The last time we saw Blake he was getting his rocks off solo and enjoying his thick cock after saving up his load for a few days. That was an impressive jerk off video from the guy, leading to him erupting cum all over the place, splashing over his head and hitting himself in the face with his load. […]

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