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Straight guy sucking dick for the first time in an edging session

I think it’s been a while since we had an edging session from the Chaos Men site, but although there’s a lot of sucking in this one too I thought a lot of you guys would be into it.

Calhoun is the lad with the 10-inch cock known for being into sucking other guys off. His sexuality is a little bit confusing, he kinda says he’s straight but loves dicks. He’s all about mutual jerking and sucking with guys, like a lot of you guys probably are too.

Rydell has a little bit of experience too. Although he’s straight he’s got one of those cocks that always attracts attention so he’s been willing to share his dick with a few guys over the years, kicking back and letting them go to town on his big meat.

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He’s the kind of straight guy who would get his cock out with his buddies and beat off watching porn, and let a guy stroke and suck him to help him get his load out when the opportunity is there.

He’s getting more than that in this session. Calhoun is really into sucking and slurping that cock, taking it deep and showing his new buddy what his mouth can do. There’s precum drooling everywhere and mixing with his spit as he works that shaft and gets his new friend on the edge.

Things take an interesting turn when Rydell finds himself on his knees with that cock in his face, and it looks like he’s enjoying the taste of it when he starts sucking on Calhoun’s meat. His own cock is hard and throbbing throughout as he gets his first taste of dick.

One of the best things about this video, besides all the sucking between the guys, is the frotting. You can see Rydell is loving that too, slapping their meat together and stroking, frotting their cock heads against each other.

If you need any proof of the fun these guys had with their cocks check out the massive mess of cum at the end 🙂

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