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Straight guy wanked off for the first time – Andrew Hayden returns to rub Otto Davies

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UPDATE: Andrew teams up with fellow straight lads Cameron and Marc for a circle jerk and sucking session! CLICK FOR THE POST

Site reviewThere’s a lot to pack into this post so bear with me and stop whining about all the text 🙂

Otto Davies is the straight guy wanked off for the first time in this new shoot from our fave site, and there’s a bit of info to give you on him…

He’s been in a couple of videos on the site already. He started out in a wanking session, getting his uncut cock out on video for the first time and shooting off some cum for the lads. Then he came back for another session and decided to go a little further and slide a toy into his virgin ass while rubbing out another load.

Apparently that was gonna be it for Otto. He was into getting his cock out and showing off and he seemed to like the idea of other lads out there wanking their dicks to his shows, but he wasn’t really into the idea of letting any other guy near his cock.

I guess he’s one of those lads who would probably wank off with a mate watching porn, but he wouldn’t be into wanking each other. We’ve probably all met wank mates like that in the past, right? I know I have, and while it can be annoying sometimes when you really want to show him how good some mutual wanking and cock frotting can be, you don’t want to miss out on all the cum shooting sessions you get to have.

I stick around and enjoy wanks with guys like that even when I really want to wank them off and it’s not an option.

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But, it seems they threw some more money his way and he changed his mind. He’s back to let another lad wank his uncut cock for him in this shoot, and it looks like he’s having a lot of fun!

And that brings me to the other important thing about this shoot. It looks like straight lad Andrew Hayden is back!

If you’re familiar with the site at all you might recognize him. We haven’t seen him since back in August 2016, when he wanked and sucked Joel Jenkins and Aaron Janes in an outdoor cock play threesome video.

He’d been in a lot before then, starting out in solo wanks and then getting his uncut cock stroked for him, then being sucked, rubbing dicks with other dudes, sucking other guys off… eventually he appeared in some really great videos, sharing his dick with some of the other great straight lads there. Check out his threesome wank and suck sessions on the site and you’ll be impressed.

I’m glad to see him back and I hope we get to watch him breaking in some of the other new arrivals there. He seems to really enjoy stroking other guys dick’s and they have a lot of recent new arrivals they need to teach a few things. He would make a great option for delivering that education!

Check out some of the pics and click through for the full shoot. It’s only a gallery right now but I recommend checking out some of the other videos Andrew has been in before while you’re waiting for this video to arrive.

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