Straight jock Logan Brosnan gets a brojob from Dustin Bronson

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Video title: Straight Hunk Logan’s 1st Time Sucked by another Man & Both Lads Shoot Massive Loads!

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This is gonna be a pretty short post because there aren’t any pics to share from this one, just one photo of horny straight lads Dustin Bronson and muscle lad Logan Brosnan. Trust me when I say if you like seeing a couple of horny straight guys enjoying their cocks together you’re gonna want to check this one out.

Logan is the handsome lad on the left, the horny bator who likes to show off his uncut 7″ cock and have a good wank. We’ve seen him in a few videos now, exploring things with other lads. The last time he was on video we saw him having a lot of fun playing with another cock for the first time, frotting dicks with hung straight lad Dominic and splashing out a big mess by the end of it.

Dustin is pretty similar in his horniness and willingness to play. We’ve seen him stroking and sucking with a few guys already and his long uncut cock seems to like it, too. He’s a good choice to give Logan his first brojob and Logan isn’t reluctant to wank his new mate and help him along.

I know not all of you guys are into sucking between dudes, but this video is a lot of fun just for the mutual cock play these guys share. It’s clear they’re enjoying themselves and by the time they’re done they’ve splashed plenty of cum out in a big messy finish and they’re both looking pretty happy with themselves 🙂

Logan is first, spewing a big leaping load of cum over himself, from his chest to his cock, then he’s watching his new buddy pump his gooey load out over his stomach a minute later.

Like I said, there’s only one pic to share from this one but I can tell you it’s worth watching so click through and take a look!

Click for the video
Click for the video
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