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Straight jock Tom Lawson splashes his cum up his hairy Rugby player body

Site reviewI have another video to share with you guys from the English Lads site, and I know a lot of you are really gonna love this one too.

If you saw the photo shoot with straight hairy Rugby player Tom Lawson wanking the cream from his uncut cock, you’ve no doubt been waiting to see his debut jerk off video. Well, it’s arrived, and it’s a good one.

You know there’s a perception about Rugby players, right? It seems to me, and others, that these guys aren’t shy at all. They have the kind of attitude where you can imagine they would be getting their cocks out with each other to rub out some loads. Tom is definitely that kind of guy, in my opinion.

He starts stripping off and soon enough he’s got his uncut cock out, soon throbbing up into a chunky hard boner to rub. He clearly enjoys all the attention he’s getting as he slides his foreskin back and forth, his balls swinging and swaying.

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He’s looking damn hot as he wanks himself off, showing us how he likes to play with his dick.

Would any of you turn down the chance to stroke out some cum loads with this guy? No, you would be there in a flash wanking your meat and offering him some friendly stroking and frotting.

And speaking of that, do you guys think we’re gonna see him back to share that uncut cock with any of their other new straight guys? I’m guessing so, by the time he’s splashed his semen up his abs and chest I’m pretty convinced that he’s gonna be down for rubbing his meat against another lad’s cock for the first time.

I can’t wait!

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