Straight Lad Blake Buckley Delivers A Squirting Cum Shot!
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Straight Lad Blake Buckley Delivers A Squirting Cum Shot!

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Video title: Straight Young Footballer Wanks his Thick Cock & Squirts a Huge Load of Cum over his Shoulder!

Source: EnglishLads

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Most of you have probably met at least one bator who can deliver a big squirting cum shot.

Maybe you’re that jizz slinging guy other bators talk about? If so, let us know in the comments!

I’ve met a few guys who could rally sling their spooge.

One lad I used to wank with back in my early 20s could pump his load like a water gun. It was so much fun seeing him release those repeat fire squirts like jets of milk. I admit I was jealous lol

19 year old Blake Buckley is one such lad.

This horny wanker has a 7″ uncut pink penis that he seems to love showing off. Although he’s straight he’s one of those cheeky lads who doesn’t give a fuck. I’m convinced that if he hasn’t wanked off with mates yet he would definitely be down to.

He’s one of those guys who just doesn’t have a problem getting his stiffy out and having a good time, rubbing his pink pole and making his wet foreskin slide over his swollen dome.

It’s a veiny length of throbbing meat!

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His cock is rigid the moment he’s on display, which shows he’s a real horny exhibitionist who seems to like the idea of shooting his load for a bunch of guys.

Blake puts on a great show and really enjoys his wank, taking his time to reach that squirting cum shot.

And when that moment comes it’s epic.

We’ve seen some real cummers there, but Blake might be one of the messiest.

He starts shooting it and it’s soon leaping right past his head and hitting the wall and bed frame! He even splashes himself in the face with his own cock cream! lol

I have to say it again, but just imagine how much he would shoot if he’d just spent that 33 minutes frotting cocks with one of their other boys. We all know guys cum more when they’ve been wanking it with a buddy! lol

Click here and see him pump that squirting cum shot over his head. He’s eager to return for more and I’m looking forward to it.

Run time: 33:06

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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9 months ago

Watched his wank this morning and holy fuck that’s a good cum shot! lol
I used to cum like that. Hit myself in the face plenty of times. Had a mate who could cum like that too. Been with a couple of wankers who could really sling it. Fucking hot seeing a good load gushing out with that kind of power. I hope he comes back to wank with one of the other lads. Be even better if he shoots him with his load! 🙂

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