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Straight lad gets a helping hand, Private Ray loves it

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I need to start this off by reminding you that when you sign up for this site you also get full access to all the videos on the My Straight Buddy site, with horny military lads wanking, wrestling, sharing sex toys and shooting off their loads together in some drunken and horny fun. Believe me, it’s a good site with some great videos of lads enjoying their cocks together in all kinds of ways!

If you’ve seen Private Ray on the Straight Off Base site before then you know he’s been in a couple of group cock play sessions. If you’ve never checked out those videos I would highly recommend it, he gets his dick out with some of his fellow straight military buddies and has a whole lot of cum splashing fun!

The straight lad is back again, planning to just kick back and stroke his wet cock to some great pussy porn, but after a long session of dick play and rubbing Major Wood (the guy who does all the shooting) decides that he can’t resist the look of that straight military cock and reaches in to lend a hand.

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Of course, we would all be exactly the same. Who out there could have this guy stroking his slippery cock in front of them without offering to stroke the cream from his dick for him?

And Ray really doesn’t mind it. He’s happy to have some experienced hands working his cock and balls for him, sliding up and down on his throbbing shaft, taking him over the edge and making his hot straight lad cum pump from his dick in a messy climax that he clearly needed so badly!

Something about this video tells me we’re gonna be seeing more of this guy getting his dick pleasured for him after this.

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