Straight mates wanking with toys – Andy Lee & Bailey Morgan

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Hung-Andy-Lee-and-his-amazing-uncut-dickSo for some reason I didn’t get some shots from this video up on the blog until now, and I’m not sure why considering we all love watching these straight mates wanking their cocks and shooting their loads together.

Yeah, you know who they are by now, surely. It’s Andy Lee and his best mate Bailey Morgan, a couple of gym buddies who regularly get their cocks out together, watching porn and rubbing out their loads. They’re so fucking good to watch and I know a lot of the readers here are massive fans of their videos together – there’s a few to check out so you might want to click through and take a look at all the fun they’ve had.

This one is not just about wanking out those loads together like they normally do, the guys are trying some anal play in this one too and getting some toys in their tight straight dude butts.

Even though a lot of guys think it’s a little “gay” to be doing that, some of us know about the prostate, and we know that a little anal action can be great for increasing the pleasure. There’s not a whole lot of it in this video, but the guys definitely had fun exploring that together before really getting down to stroking their hard cocks and watching each other spewing their cum loads out.

And of course, Bailey seems to love seeing his mate gushing out his massive cum loads, it seems to do the trick for him in this one too, watching Andy firing off his massive load and then quickly joining in with his own juice firing from his wet veiny dick 🙂

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[…] Also see: Straight mates wanking with toys – Andy Lee & Bailey Morgan […]


[…] Also see: Straight mates wanking with toys – Andy Lee & Bailey Morgan […]

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