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Straight muscle jock Ricky pumps plenty of cream out for the lads

Whenever I see a horny show off like this guy and hear that they’re straight and never done anything with another dude I always wonder how accurate that is.

Ricky is a 26-year-old straight Southern guy who just moved to California, and to make some money to start a new business he’s getting his thick and meaty cock out for some cum splashing fun. He could have gone to any one of a number of studios, but he chose this one.

I wonder whether he maybe has had some fun with other guys before. Maybe he’s rubbed out some loads with his buddies in the past? He definitely seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t be scared about getting his cock out and stroking some loads from his nuts with his buddies around.

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I don’t know if he’s gonna be back to explore more after this but he seems pretty willing and adventurous. In the meantime we get to see him enjoying that cock solo and making a hot mess of manly goo. He really gets into his jerking and he seems like he’s a natural performer.

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