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Hung straight guy and reality TV lad Will Shaw wanks his big dick


I don’t do reality TV, but if I’d known lads were getting their big dicks out and showing them off the for the world in Magaluf Weekender a few years ago I might have tuned in to watch a bit of it. Check out Will Shaw, he’s one of the lads from that program back in 2013, he became a little famous at the time because he was always getting his 8″ cock out and swinging it around, and apparently a little hard occasionally too.

I guess this lad is one of those kinds of guys who doesn’t give a fuck about things like that, he’s a confident and cocky guy who just gets his dick out and shows it off, and it seems to have led him into making a little money from it now too!

Yeah, I think we all know he’s the kind of guy who has got his cock out for some wanks with mates before. Although he’s just starting out and having a solo stroke in this shoot (video to come) I think we’re probably gonna be seeing him back to share that dick with one of the other lads too.

Click for gallery straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 1 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 2 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 3 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 4 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 5 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 6 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 7 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 8 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 9 straight-reality-tv-lad-will-shaw-wanks-big-dick 10Click for gallery

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