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Straight rugby playing teen Oakley Collins gets a little more daring

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Video title: Young Straight Rugby Lad Dildos his Tight Hole using a Carrot & his Uncut Cock Explodes!

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As soon as you see “rugby” associated with a young man you kind of just know he’s going to be a wank fiend lol

I don’t know what it is about that sport in particular but it just seems to me these lads are always getting their cocks out and having a good time spurting off loads, a lot of the time they’re doing it with their mates, too.

Oakley Collins had that attitude from the moment we saw him hauling out his uncut 7″ dick in his first video. He was chilled out about being naked and seemed to enjoy being filmed while he rubbed his pink uncut dong.

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He finished that wank off by tasting his own load, so you can imagine just how easygoing and horny he is.

The second time we saw him he agreed to let another man wank his dick for him, and he really seemed to enjoy it. Then again, who wouldn’t mind having an experienced guy giving them a hand job?

He shot a good load for that one and we knew he would be back. I’m guessing he might have been planned for a duo wank with one of the other guys but with the new issues we have with the Covid variant it’s probably been postponed a little.

Instead we get another great solo from the straight boy, but with a twist.

If you’re not into anal play you might not be interested in this new video.

Oakley gets down to playing with his pucker and sliding a CARROT into his virgin arse! Or, rather, he bends over and lets Nick massage and milk his slippery cock for him while a carrot is slipped into his hairy hole for some fucking.

I don’t know why they chose a carrot, there are plenty of dildos and probes he could have tried. If you know the answer and there’s something I’m missing please let me know in the comments lol

Still, it’s a good wank. Seeing him getting his swollen teen dick milked in slippery hands with his balls glistening and being played with is pretty damn good even if you’re not too into the anal play. He seems to have a good time exploring things and by the end of the video he’s pumped out another good load of teen cream, splashing his hot milky mess up to his defined chest and over his tight abs.

We follow him to the shower to clean up and enjoy a little pissing show at the end, if you’re into that.

Will he be back again? I have no doubt we’re eventually going to see him handling another cock and enjoying his first frotting experience. In the meantime it’s fun to see him exploring more and enjoying his bate.

Run time: 40:37

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