Stroked In The Showers

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Submitted by Meat32

I’ve had some great experiences wanking with lads but when I started out at 19 all my wanks were DIY. I used to just hang out with a couple of mates who were chilled out about it and we could watch porn and wank off. I don’t think either of them ever thought about wanking each other or anything like that. I definitely didn’t.

My first proper experience happened when I was 21 in the gym showers.

The gym I used to go to had one big open shower room. It’s not there anymore it was bought by Pure Gym. I always had a stiffy in the showers. When I was there on my own I would usually have a sneaky wank. Most of the time I would go after work at about 8pm and I usually had the showers to myself.

I wasn’t the only one. I probably saw at least five other guys there hard and wanking over the 2 years I was a member. Stiffies were common and some guys didn’t hide them. I usually did but there were times when I wouldn’t care and I just thought if a guy saw it who cares? We all know what it’s like so it’s not a big deal.

So this one time I was in there and getting ready to have a good wank and another lad walked in. I was in one of those moods so I just let my cock do its thing and carried on showering hoping he might be quick and leave me to it.

He didn’t and I looked over and he was looking at my cock. He wasn’t hiding it either. He wasn’t hard but his cock was thick and long and just swinging around. I turned around a few times just washing and when I turned back and looked again he gave me a wank signal with his fist.

I thought he was taking the piss out of me at first but he looked toward the doorway and then back at me again and gave me the signal again, just open fist wank motion. I guessed he was inviting me to wank it so I grabbed my cock and gave it some pulls and then he stepped forward towards me.

It wasn’t a big room but he took maybe five steps and reached out and took over for me.

I never had another lad touch my cock before but it was fucking hot. We were close to the doorway and I could see if anyone was coming so I just watched it and let him wank me off. His hand was great on my dick and he was really exploring my cock and squeezing it then feeling my nut sack and coming back up to tug on my dick.

I reached out and grabbed his cock and started milking it. He was thicker and I could tell he was getting hard. His cock was bigger than mine and for a first time feel I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was amazing. I really wanted to make him proper hard and wank him.

We didn’t get the chance. Someone came in and we scarpered back to our positions. This older guy just strolled right through and acted like he didn’t see anything but he must have seen us both going back to the walls and my cock was rock hard and the other guy was swinging his big one like a fat salami lol

We both tried to hang around until the guy left but another guy came in and I think we just figured out that it wasn’t going to happen.

My wank buddy left after that and I couldn’t see him in the locker room. I thought he probably just left to go and wank off somewhere and I was kind of annoyed that he didn’t think to invite me to come and finish it lol

I couldn’t wait to go and wank my cock and when I did I shot a fucking giant cum load!

I saw that guy again about two years later at one of the clubs in town, with his girlfriend. He didn’t see me. I thought about maybe following him into the toilets and seeing about having a quick rub with him but didn’t.

I had lots of other experiences with wank mates after that so let me know if you want those. Oh and I’m still straight mostly, just like a good wank and frot with a good cock that’s all.


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