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Stroking dick in the shower with a buddy

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Submitted by Anon

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of experiences with buddies in the past and now I have a new buddy to jack off with at the weekends. My experiences started with a close friend when I was 24.

My buddy invited me to go with him to visit his dad’s place in Florida, down by Highland Beach. Of course I went. We had the place to ourselves while his dad was traveling on business.

We spent most of the first day at the beach and met a couple of great girls who invited us to a party that night. We went back to the apartment hopped in the shower.

He started talking about the girls and which one he was hoping to fuck later. We both got hard and he started jacking off talking about the girls and imagining all kinds of horny shit. I said we probably shouldn’t nut and just get ourselves worked up for later but he was really jacking it and said he wouldn’t have a problem busting another nut with her.

We were probably only jacking it for ten minutes, just talking shit and stroking, then I saw him cum and my cock just exploded.

We watched each other shooting off and then cleaned up and got ready for the party.

We didn’t get any action that night. When we got to the party the girls had already hooked up with another couple of guys they already knew. We went back to the apartment and had a few beers and then he put some porn on and we got our dicks out and jacked off on the couch.

We spent more time talking about our dicks that night, comparing and making jokes and stuff, then we watched each other finish again and cleaned up and went to bed.

We’d never jacked off together before that weekend. I think we just never had that opportunity. We’d never been shy or anything so it wasn’t weird for us to do it we just never had. After that first day we jacked off together a lot more. When we got back home we carried on sharing our bate and got into a routine of jerking off a few times a week.



Our bates continued for a few more years until I moved to Houston for work. We’re both married now but we still get together a couple times a year and we find time to watch porn and jack off, for old times sake.

He doesn’t know I’ve jacked off with other guys since. We never jacked each other but I got into that with another guy I work with and it’s been great. I’ve been in a few circle jerks too and they’re awesome.

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I just got my BuddyBate pin and some stickers. I travel quite a lot for work so I hope to run into some of you fellow bators when I’m in New York or London.

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4 years ago

I had a very similar experience with a friend. We used to go clubbing around London in the late 90s and we always got ready at his place. We shared the bathroom loads of times but the first time we were in a real rush after work and we shared a shower we both got hard and with a few beers in us it wasn’t long before we were wanking. After that we did it a few more times and eventually wanked each other off and it started a lot of mutual fun between us.

4 years ago

This is like one my experiences a few years back helped a mate move into a new flat and we were going out for a drink that night and one thing led to another and we were wanking off in his bathroom. it aint hard for me to get a mate into wanking done it a few times now just lads being lads you know?

3 years ago

London, eh? 😉

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