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You must include city/town (remember to include state/region, there are likely other towns with the same name)

Submissions with a social media account link which displays real name, real photo or other identifying information will rarely be accepted.

No submissions giving the impression of solicitation will be published.

IMPORTANT: We have a new post subscription option! When your personal post has been published (check posts for your area 24 hrs after submission) scroll down to the comments box and click “subscribe” above the “Post Comment” button (you don’t need to add a comment to your own post). Enter your email. You’ll receive a confirmation link. Click this and choose your options. Now you’ll receive email notifications when someone replies to your post!

See below for more tips.

Personal Post Tips

If adding a social media account/handle we recommend using a disposable one different to other handles you might have used for other accounts. This helps to prevent harassment, trolling and stalking (it’s rare, but it happens). Where possible we check social media accounts to confirm if they are personally identifiable and will not publish links to those showing a face or real name unless the account has clear sexual intent and openness.

All submissions state the poster is 18+ when reviewed before publishing, but include your age for interested parties.

Come back to check replies to your post, especially if you haven’t added a social media link.

“Why hasn’t my submission appeared yet?

Sometimes it takes a little while to catch up. There are times when there’s a sudden increase in submissions and as they’re all manually reviewed and added this can be a laborious process. If you’re worried your post might have been rejected you can check the rules at the top and submit yours again.

“Was my submission rejected?”

If your post has not appeared after several days there’s a good chance it was rejected. Low effort/information submissions are rarely published. If all you’ve added is “Horny and looking to bate” we’re probably not going to publish it, because most men won’t bother to respond to such a low effort submission either. Would you? Add some information about you, what you’re into, what you’re looking for, what your experience is etc.

PLEASE remember to add your state/region/country as necessary, especially if you know there are other locations around the world with the same name. We probably delete ten submissions every week from guys who don’t provide this information. If you’re in Birmingham, let us know whether you mean Birmingham Alabama or Birmingham England, otherwise we will probably just delete it.

We don’t notify you if your submission was rejected. You can always submit again at any time.

“Why was my submission changed?”

If you find your submission for your area and it has been altered there is a good reason for the alteration. Usually we just fix any spelling mistakes, but sometimes the format or words needs to be changed to make it readable. We never alter any core information you submit (such as age, location, interests etc), but we will adjust the post title to meet the format and we will fix any obvious errors.

“Why was my Twitter/Instagram/Reddit handle removed?”

While we allow all submissions to include a method for readers to reach out to you on other platforms, we often check those accounts to ensure they are adult-themed or not obviously in contrast to the nature of this community. This helps to reduce the chance of someone publishing someone else’s social media account here maliciously for harassment or embarrassment etc. Don’t submit your Twitter handle for use in a personal post if your account there is advertising your professional career, for example. We will deem that to be an attempt at malicious harassment of someone else.

“Why wasn’t my email address published?”

GDPR laws require us to handle data responsibly. Email addresses are considered private and personal communication data. As such, we will not publish them publicly in the same way we won’t publish phone numbers or private street addresses. Anyone can open a free social media account on any platform for other readers to contact them, this is the preferred method.

“Can I submit more than one post?”

Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of personal posts you can submit. If you live in London but you travel regularly to Birmingham for work, we will gladly publish posts for both areas. You can even submit one post and just list the locations in the information and we will add the post to all relevant areas for locals to see. If you submitted a post 5 years ago and would like to refresh things, just submit a new post and we will add it.




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