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Part 1

“That was a good session, bro” Markus announced when we got back to the apartment. My thighs ached. I’d pushed it hard and I knew it was to impress him. When I convinced him to join my gym instead of continuing to go to the crappy one he’d been a member of across town before he moved in I never thought about how it would make me so competitive, but here I was trying to hide my pain after working it too hard. I didn’t want him to think I was weak.

“Sure was” I lied, following him to the kitchen. I was so thirsty. His insistence that we jog the few blocks home had seemed inconsequential at the time, but my muscles and lungs were burning. I gulped down a bottle of water from the fridge in moments while he opened up his bag and pulled out his gym gear ready for the laundry.

He’d always been bigger than me. I guess I’d always kinda looked up to him. We’d been good buddies for five years and before I met him I used to drag my sorry ass to the gym maybe twice a month. He’d inspired me to put more effort in but since he’d moved in three months before I’d almost been pressured into working out every couple days.

It was working. I was in lean and muscled shape. Jen noticed it, too. She’d commented a few times about how good my ass looked in basketball shorts and how tight my abs were. I guess there were benefits to having Markus around, besides paying half the rent.

“Might hit the bar later if you’re down” I asked, hopeful for something to do that night other than falling asleep watching something on Netflix. The bar was less than a block away, I was sure I could make it without my legs giving out and with Jen out of town it felt like a good opportunity for another evening of just us boys.

“Nah bro” he said, gathering up his gear and throwing his empty bag in the corner “I’m calling up Lana to get this load out” he grinned wide and grabbed the front of his sweat pants, cupping his meat. “need some of that sweet ass tonight”.

I watched him confidently strut toward his room and disappear around the corner.

He’d been seeing Lana for just a couple months so they were still in that phase of fucking 24/7. It wasn’t so bad, my room was right next to his, whenever she came over I was guaranteed something to listen to. A couple times Jen had been staying over while they were going at it and she loved listening in, we had some awesome fun while they were getting busy on the other side of the wall.

My cock was already getting hard just thinking about what I might hear.

Markus didn’t give a fuck about that. We’d joked about it a few times. I admit I was pissed when he joked that me and Jen were like an old married couple compared to them and how he never heard us doing much. My competitive side came out again after that and I tried my hardest to get Jen into it but she’s just not that kinda girl. I could lick her pussy out for an hour and the most noise she’d make is a whimper when I got her there.

It’s definitely not the same when you’re the only one being vocal, I think Markus knew what was up.

They were pretty wild. Most nights they’d fuck at least twice. Then I would be woken up in the morning with another performance.

It turns out that hearing a buddy talking about how hot and wet his girl’s pussy is while she’s begging for his cock to go deeper and harder ain’t the worst thing to be woken up by.

The last time she’d stayed over I was woken up at around 9am to the sound of him getting head. “Yeah, suck on that cock. You like that? You want more precum?” I could hear her slurping his dick, moaning in agreement while he told her to pull on his balls and tickle his ass.

I always wake up with a boner anyway, most mornings I jack off and shoot a load before I get out of bed, but that morning I savored it. I grabbed my lube and slicked up my tool with the creamy cool lotion, listening to him talk dirty and her greedily following instructions. “That’s it, lick the tip like that, yeah, get your tongue in my cum hole”.

My hand slid up and down my shaft while I imagined her pretty face bobbing on his cock, her tongue lapping at his helmet, rubbing his dome all over her lips.

“Fuck that’s good. How much can you take? Go down, suck it babe. Fuuuuck I’m gonna cum soon. You want my load? You gonna swallow all my hot cum?”

It was half an hour before she got him there and I enjoyed every minute of it. My dick was so hard, my cock was pouring pre the whole time and I really didn’t need much lube to add to it. My fist was wet, my bate stick was glistening. I would have given anything to be able to just walk in there and give her my cock too, just jack off in her face and shoot my wad while she swallowed all Markus’ nut and milked him dry.

By the time he was ready to finish I could hardly touch my dick. I lay there on my back listening to them, my penis arching up over my abdomen with a string of clear juice just dribbling out my helmet and making a big puddle on my stomach. My swollen pink and purple helmet stared at me, weeping, almost begging for pleasure but I resisted, knowing if I rubbed it one more time it would be over.

I was waiting for his familiar uttering to signal it was coming to an end, like waiting for the end of a porno when the cum is just about to start.

He had a tell. I guess all guys do. Jen told me once that she knows when I’m gonna finish because my ears go red, my balls get tight and my breathing changes into something like a little hiccup. I never noticed that part but when I was jacking off after that I realized she was right.

With Markus there’s an audible grunt and he always says “take it”. I’m guessing he says it regardless of where his load is going.

That’s what did it for me that morning. I barely had time to touch my cock again. I heard him say “suck my balls, yeah that’s it, almost there. Suck on the tip again, fuuuuck that’s nice. You ready? I’m there. Take it, take it, fuck yeah take it!”

All I could see in my head was her pretty brown eyes looking up with his shaft between her lips, pulsating thick and muscled, twitching while his cum flooded her mouth and dribbled out of the edges around his shaft.

I’d never seen Markus hard. Of course, being buddies for as long as we have we’d seen each other bare ass naked plenty of times and I knew what his soft dick looked like, but somehow my brain had just filled in the gaps I guess. Maybe I just imagined a cock I’d seen in porn or maybe it was just a regular boner any average guy would have, but whatever my mind had come up with it worked for me.

The same was true of Lana. Of course I’d never seen her naked. The closest I’d come to that was leaving my room one morning and seeing her hurry to the bathroom in her black lace panties with an arm covering her full breasts. Still, I’d somehow imagined what she was like naked, how plump and firm her titties were, how big and round her ass was, how shaved smooth and inviting her pussy must be.

As soon as I heard him giving his signal I gripped my dick and gave it just a couple of rubs and my orgasm took over my entire body in a flash. My load was shooting out thick and heavy.

“Take it” he repeated, deep and growling but somehow almost pleading.

I don’t know what else I heard after that, but I know from experience it was probably giggles and slurping sounds. I was too lost in my own climax. My semen was splashing out all over me. I could feel my hot cum slapping down all over my chest, up over my face, hitting my lips and forehead. It was almost like a sputtering rain storm had opened up above my bed.

My mess continued to pour out after those first splashes. I cautiously looked down to watch the pumps leaping out in thick white streaks while a dribble of cum rolled down my left cheek. I watched the final spurts reaching up over my abs, rivers of semen snaking down my sides to the sheets beneath me. I massaged my twitching tool in my wet fist, pulling on my slippery nuts and milking my length from the turgid root up to the flared head as more thick white cream dribbled out among clear fluid to join the lake that had filled my shallow navel.

My cum shots can be big when I’m with Jen, I’ve squirted her in the face a few times with rogue spurts and unexpected bursts but that morning was one of the most incredible rounds I ever squirted off. I don’t know how long it lasted, probably just a few seconds, but it was awesome. I just had to lay there for a few minutes after that, enjoying the aftermath of the rush and feeling my balls relax and my cock getting slickly pliable, listening to the mumbled quiet conversation from the other side of the wall and not really paying much attention to it. Then I heard them heading to the bathroom with playful slaps and chuckles.

I reached over the side of my bed looking for something to use for clean up, not really thinking about the size of the mess I’d made on myself. The lake of cum between the mounds of my abs slid down my side and poured out all over the sheets, like I’d just emptied out the bottle of milky lube I’d started with. I sighed, but it was worth it. I found a t-shirt on the floor I’d worn a couple of days before and started cleaning myself off, that’s when I noticed the streaks of semen running down the wall.

I’d shot clean over my head. I hadn’t done that since college.

There was definitely an awkward feeling after that. In that first hour while they were getting ready to go out for the day I stayed in my room. I don’t know why I did, it’s not like they were ashamed. You know how when you were younger you just had that feeling dad knew why you were taking so long in the shower and why mom had to buy twice as much conditioner as shampoo? it was like that. I just felt like they must have known I was jacking off hearing them.

Maybe I’m just a bit of a gentleman. While Markus had joked about me hearing them it just felt wrong to make Lana a part of that, it was better to just pretend I heard nothing, knew nothing, whenever she was around. That’s the polite thing to do, right?

The expectation of another performance that evening added to my post-workout horniness. My dick was tenting my pants as I picked up my gym bag and carried it in front of me like a student using his books to hide his classroom erection.

As I walked to my room and passed Markus’ open door I looked briefly to my right. His tank top was gone, his phone was up to his ear, his other hand grasped at a raised foot to pull his pant leg over his ankle. It was just a few steps before I made it to my open doorway but in that time, maybe a couple of seconds, I saw that he was hard. His cock bobbed rigidly, reaching out thickly and curving upward.

He probably didn’t even see me pass by, but in those few moments his naked muscled form was imprinted on my mind. It was a strange scenario. I’d obviously thought about his cock, how could I not have while listening to Lana riding, jacking or sucking him? She’d said a few things in the heat of the moment, saying how hard he was, how good his dick felt inside her, how much she liked the taste of him. I guess I’d never really consciously considered his cock other than it being a tool, a means to an end, the thing he used to make her moan and give them both pleasure. Aren’t all guys like that? We all watch cocks in porn, but do we really think about penises any more than that?

I was after that moment. Now that I’d seen his meat so stiff and ready, his full round balls hanging and wobbling in their sack below the rigid baton, I knew it would help with the audio I would hear that evening, it would assist me to imagine Lana enjoying his rod, her wet pussy lips sliding down it, her mouth wrapped around the veined and muscled shape.

As I turned inside my room and looked down to where my stiff cock was stretching out the front of my pants I wondered if I would stay rock hard and be able to hold back until their performance, then I overheard Markus ending his call.

“Okay, no problem babe, tomorrow. Yeah. Miss you too. Can’t promise I’ll save this load for you but you know I’ll have another one in these balls.”

I actually felt a little bit cheated in that moment, but the fact that she wasn’t coming over that night would ultimately serve me in ways I couldn’t have expected.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1! Please leave a comment if you have any ideas for how this should go in part 2. I already know were I think it should go but I could always sneak in some of your suggestions!

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    Great potential to this one, awesome read!

  • January 5, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    Love the setup so far. Maybe he could check in on Markus in a bit to find out when Lana would be coming over – catching Markus naked. When he finds out she isn’t coming over, teasingly ask if he’ll be able to stand it. Then it could lead into talking about taking care of business themselves.

    I have a huge underwear fetish as well – so it would be hot if underwear was involved, maybe they grab each other’s underwear accidentally to clean up when they are done shooting their loads side by side.


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