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Super fit twunk boy Finn Harper squirts a load off

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Video title: Finn Jerks Off

I’ve been interested in this handsome and super fit young man since I first saw him jacking his uncut cock as a straight boy on another site. Finn Harper has done a lot more since then and definitely discovered a new side of himself but when I saw this new solo bate session at Jawked I knew some of you guys would want to watch him.

I’m not sure what it is about this guy that really does it for me, but I think it’s because he reminds me so much of one of my first wank mates back in the day. He’s so serious but super horny and the second his uncut cock is out it’s totally stiff and damp with precum.

He really likes showing off and having a good time with his cock and you can tell he’s an avid masturbator who makes full use of his 8″ dong.

He delivers a great jack off for this solo and spurts a nice load of cum from his meat by the end.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we would all love to rub dicks with him and edge up some good loads together. He’s the kind of lad who would definitely be down for that even if he’s performing in porn for the money. You can just tell he would be cool with finding buds to bate with.

Check out some pics and click here to go and watch him on video. They have a lot of great solo jack off sessions there but if you’re into more than that there’s plenty of that too.

Personally I’m just about the bate videos, but there’s enough of them to keep me jacking it.

Run time: 9:47

Click for the video
Click for the video




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