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Do you like the site? Enjoy the experiences submitted by readers? Wank off reading the stories our contributors post?

There are ways you can help us to keep this site going, and usually get something great back in return.

Obviously we’re not some big company, we’re a couple of guys who love to bate and share the fun with others, welcoming guys to the world of horny buddy bate action. We operate this site out of our own pockets and we don’t require any membership fees or donations.

Here’s how you can help:

The best way you can support BuddyBate and get something awesome in return is by becoming a subscriber at Patreon. Every week we’re delivering awesome fiction in-keeping with the theme of this site, all for $2/month. We’re currently enjoying the new Bateman’s Gully story, following the adventures of buddies Harry and Dave as they discover the pleasures of shared masturbation.

Bateman’s Gully is waiting for you to visit

If you join on the $4/month tier you can become a member of the elite club helping to shape our fiction, creating and naming characters, choosing locations and themes, and much more. After Bateman’s Gully comes to a natural close, or if we begin a new story in the meantime, Patrons in this tier will be able to get involved from the start and help us to build the perfect world in which our characters interact.


The BuddyBate fiction Patreon closed down due to a change in their policies, but you can now buy BuddyBate fiction in the Book of Bate releases and stand-alone stories! CLICK HERE FOR THE BOOK CLUB

Another great way to help us keep this site going is by signing up to one of the sites we promote (EnglishLads, SpunkWorthy, IslandStuds etc), CLICKING THE LINKS IN THE POSTS. This is ideal, because you get awesome wank action to watch, and we get a cut of the sale. That’s how we make most of our income to keep the lights on. Click here for a pretty good list of sites we recommend for fans of mutual jack off videos.

Buy something from BlokeToys. They’re our friends, they help us out a lot, and when you buy some great lube or a toy or two from them we’re credited for the sale. They advertise with us and we love having them as partners. So, again, you get something amazing to slide your cock into and we get a little share of the sale for sending you there.

Buy BuddyBate Merch. In 2018 we started the BuddyBate button project and since then we’ve shipped thousands of stickers, buttons and pins to horny bators around the world. They’re a great way to show your love of stroking it, discreetly, and only other guys who have them know what they look like. When you consider that maybe 10% of guys would be interested in at least sharing a stroking session with another guy, you could be finding other dudes at work, at the local bar or on the high street looking for other guys wearing a button. Maybe you’ve already seen the stickers and butons out there and just didn’t know!? We have the map of locations for you to check out, click here to see if any guys in your area have buttons and stickers!

If you don’t want to join a site or wank off with a new toy (what is wrong with you?) you could just share our posts on social media and spread the word. You’d be surprised how important it is to get the message out there like that, especially when Google refuses to offer our site in search results.

If you don’t want to see lads wanking off on video, you don’t want to fuck out some loads into a toy, and you don’t want to share our posts on social media either, you could leave comments on the posts you read here. These actually help us too and it sends a signal to search engines that you like reading what we post. It’s also a great way to encourage others to comment.

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