Upperclassmen Dormmates – Part 3

“The sight of the first cum, set off a series of the next few ejaculations. Joe was next, and he too just unloaded all over me. His load was smaller than Eric’s but a few spurts hit me on my face as well. When Mark saw the sight of one of Joe’s cum drop next to my mouth, he too stood from his seat and came towards me”

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Upperclassmen Dormmates – Part 2

“It wasn’t long after, we both lost our last remaining item of clothing. The jock for him, and the boxer briefs for me. At this point, it was the first time I had seen Jake’s cock, and compared to Mark’s, Jake was slightly bigger. Jake was also uncut unlike Mark and myself, so as we were jacking off, I noticed that Jake had an incredibly long foreskin”

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