City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Four

“My cock reared up in a flash, the head bulging out. Derron’s dick spat another long and thick stream of semen to splash up against my cheap faux leather belt and the bottom of my shirt, his goo pouring over the root of my shaft where short pubes emerged from the dark gap of my zipper.”

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City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Three

“e didn’t seem to care that I was gazing upon his erection, his heavy pink balls hanging out and bouncing gently while his hand slid along the length. The orbs tugging downward in his loose sack, his generous cock lighter than the tanned hand stroking it, the bright pink head a swollen mushroom of flesh almost pointing accusingly at me”

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City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Two

“I rubbed my sopping mushroom helmet, the exposed and flared bell end drooling over my fingers while I gobbled and licked at the cock in my face, my tongue brushing under the glans where I could feel the tight little flap of skin connecting his end to the underside of his shaft.”

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