My mate James shows off his cock at the gym

“I never used to get hard like that in the gym but he just doesn’t give a fuck about it and he stands there playing with it while we’re talking and I start to get hard too. I can’t help looking at it. He’s got a big dick and he gets really wet too.”

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Extra fun with straight muscle boy Lucas Wright

Remember when straight Rugby player Lucas arrived to show off his uncut cock and wank out a big splashing fountain of cum? He came back to frot dicks with another boy after this, but you’ll want to see this bonus jack off video too!

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University wank mates – Part 2

“When Ash called me a few days later to say that not only was the plan a success, but that they had already spent the next couple of days wanking together AND they had even rubbed dicks, I could barely contain my excitement – or anything elseā€¦”

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