Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Six

“By the time I looked up again Richie was on his way out of the showers. I hung back, glancing over to the sight of Luke naked and glistening under the flow of water, his incredible cock still arching out in front of him like a rude banana, the fat bell-shaped head flared and red where his foreskin had bunched up behind the ridge.”

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City Adventures – Executive Suck Club – Part Three

“e didn’t seem to care that I was gazing upon his erection, his heavy pink balls hanging out and bouncing gently while his hand slid along the length. The orbs tugging downward in his loose sack, his generous cock lighter than the tanned hand stroking it, the bright pink head a swollen mushroom of flesh almost pointing accusingly at me”

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My mate James shows off his cock at the gym

“I never used to get hard like that in the gym but he just doesn’t give a fuck about it and he stands there playing with it while we’re talking and I start to get hard too. I can’t help looking at it. He’s got a big dick and he gets really wet too.”

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