Neighbor Bators – Back Yard Bros – Part 3

“Now I was just four feet from him I could see the details of it, the small wrinkles spanning his tubular shaft, the edge of his glans, round and meaty, under the thin hood and the pale blue promise of a thick vein weaving along the top, reaching from the edge of his dark pubes down to just above the end of his foreskin”

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Shooting a big load with straight jock Clayton Hughes

We get more wank fun with straight jock Clayton with a video from his very first shoot when he splashed a big load of cum from his uncut cock and shot right over his shoulder! Check out his debut and see the other video when he wanked one out at the beach with his best mate Logan!

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Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Eight

“I hurriedly shut off my shower after rinsing, my erection straining for release and my balls pulling up tight. Honestly, I think I could have just shot off a load without even touching it but the sight of four other cocks being slowly massaged all around me urged me to keep my pace steady as I made contact.”

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