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Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation is the act of sharing your bate with another masturbating person. While this can mean male/female shared masturbation, for the purposes of our social group it refers to guys masturbating each other. This often involves frottage also (the act of combining cocks and rubbing them together). Shared Masturbation doesn’t have to include physical contact between the parties. It could mean a visual display for each other. However, the majority of our readers are interested in the act of masturbating each other and enjoying extended contact with the partner they are masturbating with. Mutual Masturbation between men often includes extended play, penis-to-penis contact (frottage), and aspects such as edging.
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Reader Experiences

First Time Bate In A Hostel Shower

“We both started wanking our own cocks and Jay asked did I want some help. I said I sure did and reached for my now throbbing cock. As he did so I reached for his. An instant rush of horny emotion hit me as I grabbed his cock. It felt different to my mine, obviously longer and thicker.”

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Wanking Fun With Guys

Straight Cock Play Buddies Dustin And Jenson Have Fun!

This is the second time Jenson James and Dustin Healey have had some good friendly fun with their hard and damp uncut cocks, but this time Jenson is a little more curious and dares to taste his straight bud’s meat!

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Wank Fiction

SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: Best Bro Muscle Show – Part 4

“I watched his pink nuts swinging and slapping under his swollen shaft as he lifted his thicker meat for a moment and attempted to spit down on his helmet. He missed but it didn’t seem to matter. He kept a steady pace rubbing his penis. “Another hand feels better” he confirmed.”

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