Sporty Strokers – Caught By Coach – Part Six

“By the time I looked up again Richie was on his way out of the showers. I hung back, glancing over to the sight of Luke naked and glistening under the flow of water, his incredible cock still arching out in front of him like a rude banana, the fat bell-shaped head flared and red where his foreskin had bunched up behind the ridge.”

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Male Only Swim – Discovering bate buds

“I heard groaning and looked round, having completely forgotten we weren’t alone in the showers. Both guys were wanking hard. I wasn’t sure if it was us that had got them going but certainly enjoying themselves. Working their cocks fast I could tell they wanted to cum.”

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Bateman’s Gully Part 12 – Gym shower show off

Harry has been avoiding Dave for a few days, ever since the awkward rest stop incident. With a visit to the gym Dave hopes he can distract himself, but he soon discovers a new opportunity to revel in his enjoyment of masturbation with another curious stranger in the showers.

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