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Target Practice with Chris

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Submitted by Drizzle

I’ve always been open about my wanking and never thought it was something I should hide from mates. We all do it so what’s the big deal? I had loads of experiences with mates in the past and my wife knows all about them. She thinks it’s funny. After reading some of the other experiences from lads here I thought I should share some of mine.

It wasn’t my first wank with a mate but it was what started me off properly enjoying some good cock play with guys.

Me and Chris were both 18 and we’d been friends for a while when this happened but it was the first time we ever saw each other wanking and cumming.

We used to go out to the woods and do some target practice with his pellet gun and he had a big stack of paper targets that we used to pin on a tree and fire at. This was in 1991 before the internet so the only porn we had was magazines we nicked from my brother or his dad.

We’d never wanked off together but used to swap magazines or sometimes just pages and we talked about wanking off and pussy and all that stuff openly. I think we just never thought about wanking together before this happened.

After an afternoon in the woods shooting pellets at targets we went back to his house. It wasn’t unusual to look at his porn and I would usually ask if I could borrow a magazine and then bring it back a few days later. We were looking at some and one of them had pages stuck together. Some of you will know what that’s like lol

Chris told me he’d shot off all over it the week before and that’s when we got into talking about our cum shots and joking about how far we could shoot our spunk. We were both big shooters but I suppose most lads are when they’re 18.

I can’t remember if it was me or Chris who joked about using one of the paper targets and having a competition but we were both hard and rubbing our bulges by this point. I know he was the first one to get his dick out but as soon as he did I got mine out.

Chris put one of the targets up on the back of his bedroom door and we spent about ten minutes just wanking our dicks. It was fun. There was no awkwardness about it or anything. We’d both seen each other’s dicks a hundred times before and although we never saw each other hard before this it was easy once our cocks were out. We compared a little bit too, just making our dicks bulge and showing off while we checked out each other’s penises. We were both around the same size (I estimate about 6 or 7 inches). He had a longer foreskin and I had bigger balls. His cock was bent a little bit to the right and mine curves up.

It was just a good time between mates enjoying our wank and there was no shame about it.

We didn’t really work out the “game” we just wanked off and then Chris said he was ready and then stopped, aimed his cock and humped his hips and shot a few splashes of cum out all over the door and the target. He probably squirted off 8 or 9 pumps of cum and got some of them about three feet to hit the door.

I was shooting mine a second later and I delivered a good long squirt then some more pumps while he watched and tried to work out where my cum was landing.

I knew I’d hit the middle of the target while his cum had just shot off like a shower head and spurted all over the door and the target but he argued it and said he must have got one splash on the middle of it.

We made a really big mess. There was cum dripping all over the back of the door and we made splash marks all over the carpet.

We refined the game a bit after that and we tried to do one in the woods where we took turns but as soon as Chris saw my cum squirting he was coming in to squirt his so we just lost track again of who hit the target.

I think it’s obvious it was just a good opportunity for a couple of horny mates to get their dicks out and see each other cumming. It was fun to openly enjoy it together and look and compare cocks and all that kind of stuff.

We played that game a few times and we didn’t really care who won. Eventually we just started having regular wanking sessions over the magazines and cumming on a towel. We did that for a few years before we both just kind of went our separate ways.

I had a few other experiences after that. Even did some frotting and hand jobs with other mates. That’s why I like checking out the posts and reading the stories at Patreon. Takes me back to the days of just enjoying rubbing one out with a mate. Back then I didn’t think it was that common for mates to wank off together but a few years ago when I found BuddyBate I realized there were loads of guys into it and they’d been doing the same kinds of things me and my mates had. I think some guys probably just grow out of it but other guys like the friendship side of it, like sharing any other kind of hobby.

It’s not something I’m scared of talking about with mates or my wife. She thinks it’s funny and she says she kind of understands why I would be so relaxed about that kind of thing. A few of my mates now know about it too and some of them have shared their experiences wanking with their mates in the past. It’s all just laddy banter stuff but it’s amazing how many guys used to do it. I still haven’t wanked with any of the mates I have now but I would be down for that if the opportunity came up.

I think it’s just about finding the opportunity. My mates are pretty cool about stuff like that but they’re not the kind of guys who would plan for it if that makes sense? If we were hanging out and porn was around we’d probably get our dicks out and have a wank but that kind of situation just hasn’t happened.

I might share some of my other experiences after that if you want them. Let me know and I’ll have a think about what wanks were the best or most interesting to share.

Cheers mates. Keep enjoying those dicks and sharing your wanks if you can! 🙂

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