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Thank you for teaching me to edge my cum load

Submitted by Alan in Texas

I’ve been here for the bating posts for a few weeks and read your post about edging last week. I never heard of it before and I love shooting big cum loads but over the last couple of years my cock has been dribbling more than shooting.

I’m in my late 30’s and I think I should be cumming more than I do.

My girlfriend loves big cum shots and I thought I would try some of your tips and see what I could do about my load.

I need to thank you.

You were right about not drinking enough water and I think that was the main thing that helped me. Y’all hit the nail on the head with that one. I stopped drinking coffee at work and laid off the beers for a couple days and just started drinking water. Then I started jerking off and stopping myself from nutting.

I worked out a schedule for a couple days of bating. I’d go to the rest room and stroke for a few minutes then get back to work. I did that for a couple days and then I met up with my girlfriend and we had an awesome time.

I wanted to see how good it was so I pulled out and jerked off over her tits and it went everywhere. I don’t think I was cumming like that even when I was a teen and beating off all the time. Back then I could shoot a coke can from ten paces but I guess that’s how it is when you’re a walking boner at 18.

I’m not gonna get to that level of cumming again but the loads I’ve been shooting off trying your tips has me thinking about doing the rest of it too. I need to quit smoking anyway and I keep telling myself I’ll work out more. Now I have the motivation to really do it.

I would recommend it to all guys reading this blog. Even if you just try abstaining for a while and drinking more water you could be firing off bigger, I’m proof of that.

Note from the editor:

I’m so glad our tips helped you out with this. It’s an interesting thing that a lot of guys don’t seem to know about and it’s awesome to read when someone has experienced a positive result from trying something new.

Have fun with those loads!


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3 thoughts on “Thank you for teaching me to edge my cum load

  • August 15, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    I’ve been working on improving my health generally for three years and one of the first things I noticed is how much hornier I am and how much more I can cum now. I gave up smoking and coffee and almost totally stopped drinking. I joined a gym for the first time. I used to be an unhealthy, skinny gamer lad coming in at maybe 120 lbs when I started and now I’m 180 and fitter than I’ve ever been. My wife noticed the change and commented on my cum loads too. I could only last maybe 10 minutes in bed but soon I was really fucking her and we could go at it for a long time. I used to jerk off a lot already but my bate time increased and I became more in tune with my cock. Instead of quick strokes and dropping a load watching a video for 5 minutes I started really enjoying my dick and spending time playing with it. I used to just dump a load in a cum rag after a quick jerk off but now I use loads of lube and properly enjoy it finishing with a big load that I usually just fire off to splash all over me.

    Edging is great and it’s true that your health has a massive impact on your sex life, and your cum loads. It hasn’t just made my sex life with my wife more fulfilling it’s made my masturbation a thousand times better and led me to bating with other guys too, something I never thought I would be doing.

  • August 16, 2018 at 9:37 am

    I learned about edging last year and looked for ways to get a bigger load too and found a lot of the same advice. Done some of it and it really helps. I wank a lot so I don’t cum as much as I can when I stop myself for a couple of days but when I really go for it I can hit myself in the face with my load and theres a lot more of it.

  • August 20, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Edging is awesome! I found it on my own. I used to jerk off to porn for an hour or more and then shoot massive loads and I’m smart enough to figure it out. Didn’t know it was called edging though.


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