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Thanks to the Tube strike in London I’m wanking it all day today

Submitted by Daz in London

I got a late email last night from my office manager telling us that we didn’t need to come in today because of the Tube strike. So you can guess what I’m doing.

My flatmate isn’t here so I’ve got the place to myself. I woke up with the hardest cock. I usually knock one out in the shower and then go to the gym, then rub another load out there before going into work. Today I get to sit around and watch porn on the 50 inch in the living room, wanking all day and dumping loads.

I’m planning for two loads, one at lunch time and then another in the afternoon before my mate gets home. I’m gonna enjoy a lot of edging today. Not had a wanking day like this for years and looking forward to it šŸ™‚

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buy sex toys for men