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Submitted by StillCurious

I’m a long time lurker. Been reading BuddyBate since 2016 and joined the Patreon for the stories. Had loads of wanks enjoying it all but I finally got myself out there and just wanked another guy for the first time.

I never felt like I had any experiences worth sharing until now.

I’m 35 and the only experiences I had before this was wanking off with mates years ago. That was just the usual stuff looking at porn and having a quick tug. No one paid much attention to each other’s dicks it was just mates having a quick rub and squirt. Happened a few times with two of my good mates.

Didn’t think much of it at the time but years later I really started thinking about it more when I found BuddyBate and realized there were loads of other guys who carry on wanking with mates.

I thought about trying to find a wank mate loads of times. I was living with my girlfriend up until last year so it was just an occasional thought but when we broke up and she moved out I realized now I had the chance to explore things more and maybe I could find another mate in the community who was into just watching porn and enjoying wanks regularly.

That was my ideal scenario. I just wanted a local mate to go to the pub with, get back into the gym or do other stuff with, but who was also cool with watching porn and wanking one out.

I think the pandemic really kicked me up the arse and I really focused on getting myself out there. After loads of attempts and guys not really getting back to me I eventually found two guys who seemed genuine. One of them really seemed like a good match and he wanted a regular buddy the way I did.

We sent a few texts and started sharing porn, just really hot stuff like circle jerk videos, trans porn and gang bangs. He told me about his experiences and wanking with all kinds of guys for years and I felt inadequate and nervous again. I didn’t lie about my experiences but I wasn’t entirely honest and I might have exaggerated a little bit about the things me and my mates got up to.

We eventually set a date to meet up at a local pub near where he works and I was shitting myself the whole morning. I stopped myself from wanking for three days before it so I knew I would be horny enough and really need to rub one out. I bought one of the BuddyBate T-shirts so he could spot me in the pub.

I almost canceled ten times that day. I even wrote three texts making excuses but every time I just managed to stop myself from sending them. I kept telling myself that for the last year I’ve been pushing myself toward this and it would be a wasted effort if I gave up now and chickened out.

I got to the pub earlier than him and knocked back two pints before he arrived. He found me quickly and I was surprised how relaxed he was about it all. We had a regular chat about work and normal stuff but gradually got into talking about the community and experiences. I was finally honest with him and admitted that my experiences had been limited and it was basically just mates having five minute wanks in the same room.

He said it was better than nothing but suggested that I should probably just dive right in and just see what it was like to properly have a wank with another guy.

I was just desperate to get it over with by that point. I needed a wank and he was a horny guy who was down to wank too so I kept telling myself it wasn’t a big deal. He said he knew a good place to go and we walked for five minutes to a multi story car park near his offices.

There were some toilets at the top of the stairs and we went inside. He told me no one uses them apart from local lads going there to wank and suck.

In a couple of seconds he dropped his pants and his cock bounced out. I did the same and my dick was rock solid.

He’s got a fucking amazing cock. It’s veiny, thick and more pink than mine. I stared at it and we compared for a few seconds, just letting our dicks swing and twitch around. He complimented my dick and said he wished his could get so hard it points up. I told him I thought his long and thick meat looked amazing the way it was.

He asked if he could feel my cock and I said yes.

As soon as his hand grabbed my shaft I thought I would start shooting. I reached out and grabbed his thick dick and felt the heat in my hand. I pulled on it and watched his skin sliding.

We were wanking each other for about ten minutes. The whole time I was trying not to cum but the feel of his hot cock in my hand kept me on the edge. He rubbed me slowly and we just focused on our dicks. I wanted to memorize every bit of his cock. I reached down and fondled his balls. They were tight and cold.

I’ve read about these bate sessions so many times and fantasized about what it would be like to wank another cock and have a buddy wanking mine but the actual experience of it was so much more intense than I could have expected.

It was easier than I thought it would be. It only took a few seconds of grabbing each other’s dicks and I was completely okay with it, no nervousness about it. Maybe the beers helped but I think as soon as I’d broken that seal and touched another cock everything just clicked into place and it was the most horny experience I could have imagined.

Our dicks were dribbling pre while we wanked each other and I could feel my cum load getting ready. When we moved our dicks to touch each other and we watched our tips sliding around in the goo we were both making the pleasure it sent through my cock was too much and I started unloading.

I’ve seen it loads of times in bator videos where the guys start cumming together but I always thought it was because they were in-tune with their bate buddy and had been edging their cocks for ages, but we did exactly the same thing.

As soon as my cum started shooting out of my cock his dick was shooting out thick ropes of jizz with me. Our cock heads were covered in cum and we were splashing it out over the floor and trying not to get any on our jeans.

Our release lasted a few seconds and it was amazing. We carried on playing with our cocks for a minute and then grabbed some loo roll and started cleaning up our cummy dicks.

We went back to the pub after that and had another drink. We talked for an hour about all kinds of stuff and I think we’re going to be meeting up again. He seems to be interested in finding more mates who like a good wank more than just having one-off bate hookups.

Even if we don’t meet up again I’m glad I did it. I wouldn’t have a problem going to meet another bator for the same kind of thing now. I might still be nervous about it but now I’ve wanked another cock and shared a cum load with a bator I think it’s gonna be easier to carry on exploring this side of things.

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Josh C
Josh C
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great experience with a cool bate bud. So awesome that you two still went back to the pub and had a beer after you had just had each other’s hard cocks in your hand. I’m sure no one else in the place would have suspected.

1 year ago

Awesome! Glad it worked out for you!

1 year ago
Reply to  Shade

My 1st feeling of stroking another male, was when I was in my early 20’s. The feeling felt strange at the time, but also awesome/amazing, feeling his7’s inches jumping and pulsating in my hands. Knowing that I had complete control over making him Explode was awesome.

1 year ago

I too took a long time to decide if I really wanted to explore stroking myself with another male. So, I answered a post on for a male looking for another male stroking buddy. I haven’t done anything like this, since I was in my early 20’s. But, I have found that I really enjoyed watching solo males stroking themselves and guys giving a helping hand HJ. So, I really wanted to try mutual stroking ourselves together. It turns out that the guy was my age group and wanted to watch another male stroking himself and be watched stroking himself. He had an amazing beautiful long hard 7’ inches of fully cut cock. It was amazing having us both watching each other stroking ourselves. We even ended up stroking each other’s cocks.
A great 1st experience.

1 year ago

This is an excellent story. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to doing the same.

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