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That NKOTB circle jerk story

Joey from NKOTB was extremely open in a radio interview back in 2015, recounting the time the band were staying in a motel on your and things got a little “friendly”. The boys were alerted by one of the gang running along the balcony and knocking on their windows, they gathered and headed down to where Danny’s room was, peering through a gap in the window and catching him jerking off to porn on the TV.

The story doesn’t end there, as Joey us eager to tell us.

Donnie supposedly “felt bad” for the friend they’d caught jerking off and been spying on and knocked on the window, the guys all came into the room to reveal they’d been watching him, but they didn’t leave.

Of course, when you get a bunch of horny guys together in a motel room with porn playing on the TV, and especially after one of the guys has been caught jerking off already, they all decided to join in.

The only one who wasn’t there was Jon, who apparently missed out on the fun but claims he’s not jealous at all (he definitely is).

Perhaps the best part of the story is the motto that supposedly formed after it – “Bands that jerk off together stay together”. Does this mean there were more instances of jerking off together yet to be told? The guys seemed initially confused about just WHICH story was going to be revealed in the interview, suggesting there’s a lot more we don’t yet know.

Maybe some of that will come to light when Joey blabs some more in his memoirs?

I have to admit, that kinda echoes the way I feel about jerking off with buddies. It’s about friendship, horniness, lads being lads and just sharing something we all enjoy.

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