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The legend of Donny Wright and his arrest for wanking off over Firefighter gear

It might seem like the kind of random experience we’d publish from a reader, believing it’s more fantasy than reality, but in this case every part of this legendary story is true.

Although this story takes place in 2013, it’s still making the rounds on the Internet even today, partly because it’s so strange, and partly because it’s pretty damn horny.

porn star Donny Wright
Donny Wright is a gay porn star who has appeared for numerous studios

Porn Star Donny Wright (aka Nicholas Gonzales) was visiting Kentucky in February 2013 when he happened upon a firehouse. Being drunk, and allegedly being the kind of guy who lives life on the edge and with a compulsive immediacy which would scare most normal people, he decided to break in.

Is there a possibility he didn’t know firefighters sleep in the firehouse? Did he know that there would be a crew in there waiting to discover him with his cock in his hand jerking off over their firefighter gear?

That’s exactly what happened.

Firefighter Michael Davenport arrived presumably to discover what the noise was and found Donny by the lockers, his 8-inch uncut cock in his fist, bating over some firefighter gear he’d pulled from the lockers.

After being instructed to stop his self-love by Mr. Davenport, Mr. Wright continued, until he was grabbed by the neck and pulled away while the police were called.

Donny was arrested for burglary, public intoxication and criminal mischief, but released a couple of days later, and presumably told to never enter a firehouse again.

Allegedly, when asked why he broke into the firehouse to jerk off over their gear Donny responded “Because I wanted to”.

Now, we’re all for spontaneous cock play, but we would suggest that to enjoy bating in firehouses you should become a firefighter first.

I have only one remaining question about this scenario… did he cum? If so, I kinda feel sorry for the firefighters, Donny is pretty well known for his incredibly big and messy cum shots.

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