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When we first started the BuddyBate button project we never had any idea of how popular it would be, or how successful.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. We knew how many men visit the site and we know how popular shared masturbation is between guys. We kind of had high hopes that our little merch project would do quite well.

The plan was simple – provide a way for men to discreetly display their interest in shared masturbation, with a variation of the BuddyBate logo that would be discreet enough to be innocuous to anyone who didn’t have one, while being instantly recognizable to those who also had pins, buttons or stickers.

Guys wanted a subtle way to find new pals, the original design was like a secret handshake.

It worked incredibly well. Within a few months we’d shipped thousands of buttons and stickers all around the world. Men in Sydney, London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Dublin and everywhere in-between were slapping their new stickers on their water bottle for the gym, pinning a button to their jacket, putting a lapel pin on their baseball cap, adding the logo to the back of their phone case or displaying a static cling in the windshield of their car…

It took a little while, but eventually we started to hear from guys who had met new bator buddies at the gym, found new stroking pals at the local bar and even some who discovered their good friend or someone at work was a BuddyBate fan too! We’ve read so many great experiences from men who’ve built amazing friendships and had awesome times with new buddies thanks to these discreet little stickers and buttons.

Some of those experiences have made it to the site for all to read while others have remained private at the request of those who sent them in.

While we were busy building the community and helping you guys to find your new bator pals we were also getting regular requests for a “Proud” version of the lapel pins, something for the guys who don’t require any discretion. It seems there are plenty of proud bators out there!

We’re glad to finally introduce the PROUD PIN.

We had to find a new supplier for these, but we’re so glad we did because our first Proud Pins are excellent.

These new 20mm Proud Pins (slightly smaller than the original 25mm discreet version) are a direct representation of the BuddyBate community logo, leaving no room for doubt.

Made from quality polished metal with a hard enamel coloring and a military clasp on the back these extremely durable pins are designed to last, and to help you find new buddies to share your masturbation with.

Anyone who follows us on social media or has enjoyed the BuddyBate site for the last 13+ years will recognize this little pin on your baseball cap, your gym bag or your shirt/jacket lapel.

The original buttons and stickers have been so successful and helped so many guys, we’re sure this new Proud Pin will do just as well and help many more guys to find their new buddies in their town/city.

Don’t worry, the original discreet design isn’t leaving. There are now so many of them out there we wouldn’t dream of replacing it or ending that design. You’ll still be looking for that discreet logo if you know what it looks like (if you have stickers/pins/buttons yourself). This new Proud Pin is just specifically for those who want to be a little more forthcoming in their appreciation of shared manly experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? We still have a handful of these left after the Newsletter subscribers got early access (you really should join the Newsletter!) Click here and order your new pin, you never know how many local guys you might find showing off this little gem.

Share with Buddies!
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