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The time Howard Donald and Robbie Williams rubbed one out, while Mark Owen watched

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Paul McCartney and John Lennon had at least one group wank with a few of their friends back in the day, we have another legendary tale of musicians getting their dicks out and having a good ol’ time beating the bishop.

Almost ten years ago it was revealed in an interview with Howard Donald and Mark Owen of Take That fame that Howard and fellow pop legend Robbie Williams once had a friendly wank while on tour. Mark Owen was quick to interject and make clear that he wasn’t involved in the shenanigans, but he was an observer to the masturbatory enjoyment.

It were me and Rob… it only happened once

It’s no secret that Robbie Williams has previously expressed a mild interest or curiosity in same-sex experiences, but he ultimately came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for him. Could it be that he’s just a fellow bater and doesn’t see himself as sexually interested in men in any other way?

It seems to me that a lot of our readers have no interest in romantic relationships with other guys, or sexual ones beyond shared masturbation. Could it be that Mr. Williams just believed he needed to be one thing or another and didn’t truly understand that masturbation could be a fetish of its own?

We’ll probably never know, but it’s certainly interesting to think about the prospect of these two horny lads rubbing one out, whether they helped each other, who shot first…

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