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The Train Job

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Submitted by Graboid7

I’d had a mate back in my teenage years where we’d shared porn and shared wanks, but he was someone I already knew, and that had gradually stopped happening after a few years.

This was completely out of the blue. I’d had thoughts about doing the same with other blokes over the years but never had the courage or opportunity to do anything about it.

I’d been round a mate’s watching the footie and left when it ended and his girlfriend came home from her evening class. I headed towards the train station to catch the next train, figuring I would just make it if I hurried. I had a quick pee before I left and ran out the door, and must have forgotten to do my fly up in my haste.

It was about half nine at night and getting dark. I had a return ticket so when the train pulled up I got on where the guard was opening the doors so I could save him the bother of getting his ticket machine out.

He was about ten years older than me, in his early forties. Stocky, an ex-rugby type, okay looks, but pleasant enough and we fell into an easy chat about my evening and his. He said he was having a really boring evening. The train was quiet, only one other passenger in the next carriage.

At the next station the other passenger disembarked. There was also a group of five lads smoking weed in the shelter. Every single one of them with their hands down the front of their trackies. The smell of the weed came into the carriage, and I joked that his evening had got a little less boring now because he was probably stoned from inhaling their smoke. He laughed and said did you notice they all had their hands down the front of their pants coping a feel? I said I did but then said that I was probably the same at their age. He agreed and said that he never had his hand off his when he was their age. Then he said he wasn’t too different these days if he was honest. I said I was probably the same and we both laughed.

As the train pulled into the next station I was aware that I was getting a little tickle. Something was awakening down below. I’d had a couple of cans round my mates so was feeling quite relaxed. I hadn’t had much experience but I sometimes played a fantasy in my mind on some train journeys where I would imagine someone naked if I liked the look of them. I did this with women and men, but with men I used to try and picture what they looked like with a hard-on.

As he opened the doors and got off the train to check the station I took another look at him. I could see that although he had a bit of a belly he still had a muscular frame and butt. As he got back on he adjusted himself slightly in his pants and my cock did a leap. It was at that moment that I realised that my flies were undone and I was tenting. He turned to close the doors and I had a sneaky fumble to make it less obvious that I was getting an erection. I didn’t realise that my actions were reflected in the train doors and he might have seen me. He later admitted he had.

When he turned I had a sneaky peek at his crotch but couldn’t tell if he was having a similar reaction or not. His trousers were quite loose at the front. He reminded me that the next station was my stop then asked what my plans were for the rest of the evening. I said not a lot. He said if no-one got on at the next stop he might turn the lights out and treat himself like the lads we’d just seen. This was in the days before CCTV on trains. I laughed and said it wasn’t a bad idea and that I might do the same when I got home.

When I got off the train we both remarked that it was really dark. I didn’t realise until the train drew away that the lights were out at the station. This meant I had to cross the bridge in complete darkness. Just before the doors closed he said “have a good wank mate”, I laughed and said “you too”. He replied with a smile and a knowing wink, “Oh, I will mate, trust me.”

I started to make my way to the bridge but realised that I was massively turned on, and I’d never got a chance to do my flies up. I undid my waist button so that I could tidy myself up in case my hard-on popped out walking home but as soon as my hand touched my cock I knew I couldn’t wait. The station was deserted and pitch black. I ducked behind the shelter and frantically banged one out. There were several loud splats as my cum landed in the bushes. My legs were so shaky afterwards that I even had to take a seat in the shelter for a minute before I could get going again.

I had another wank later in bed and coated myself imagining him on the train naked and jerking himself off. Although I had fond memories of my previous wank mate, and still sometimes wanked myself off thinking about it, I had never been in a situation since then where I felt there was a real possibility of something like that happening again. I’d known other blokes make similar jokey comments about bating over the years. One of my mates used to say “Sex is alright, but it’s not as good as the real thing.” This had felt different. Even though we had been laughing there had also been a real sexual tension.

The next day my mate said he was putting together a wardrobe and new bed, and even though he never asked, I offered him my help. I went round after work but made sure I left in time to catch the same time train as the day before.

This time I was early for the train. I knew there was a chance there would be a different guard, and nothing had been promised or said the day before that couldn’t just be laughed off as banter, but I was curious and turned on. Still I made sure that my fly was done up this time just in case.

Luckily it was the same guard and he smiled and looked pleased to see me. I took the same seat as the night before. There were only two other people on board and they both got off at the next station. He asked if I’d been round my mates again. I said “yes, screwing.” He raised his eyebrows and said “oh, aye” but he said it in a friendly manner with a hint of tell me more. I explained about the furniture and he laughed saying he thought I was going to say I’d had a threesome with my mate and his missus. I joked that I was too much of a sad lonely wanker for that. He sighed and said him too.

That was when the train pulled into the next station and the other passengers got off. The young lads were not there this evening. As he got back on he adjusted himself in the same way as the night before and I saw a quick flash of his underwear that told me that his flies were undone. When he was back on board it was not obvious that they were undone but I wondered if he knew or if he had done it on purpose. He talked about the missing lads and said they lacked stamina.

When he got off at the next station I adjusted myself and slid my own fly halfway down. I guess I just wanted to see if he looked. This time as he was closing the doors I saw him put his hand in his pocket and adjust his cock. My own was beginning to grow but I made no effort to hide it. He kept his hand in his pocket and it looked like he was definitely grabbing hold of it. He turned to me with a smile and asked me if I did have my planned wank the night before. I swallowed hard, my mouth was dry, but I managed to say I had and ask him the same question. He said it was perfect, nice and quiet, with the added bonus of being a naughty thing to do. He said he might do the same again that evening. I joked I would too.

The next station was mine and the lights were still out. I moaned about having to cross the bridge in the dark again. He told me that if I stayed on the train that there were only two more stops and then the train would come back down the line. I could disembark without needing to cross the bridge. It made sense and I had no-one waiting at home.

As the train set off there was a weird energy between the two of us. I kept trying to think of witty remarks or things to say but couldn’t. We smiled at each other a few times. He broke the ice by saying it was four minutes to the next station and then ten to the last one. I asked which time he’d come in the night before. Four minutes or ten. He said he had been so turned on he could have come in one. I told him about firing one off in the bushes. He said that sounded sexy as hell and that I was as bad as him.

I said it was shame that I had ruined his plans for the evening by staying on the train. He laughed and jokingly called me a bastard. Said he had been looking forward to stripping off and banging one out. Then just as the train approached the last but one station he said that I’d also been let down because if I had got off at my stop that I could be having another wank in the bushes by now.

My cock was straining in my jeans and I could feel a pube trapping it which felt like piano wire. As soon as he got off the train I had to ram my hand down my pants and rescue the poor fella. Without warning he popped his head back into the train and caught me. He said “oh mate, I’m hurt, you’ve started without me”. I was embarrassed but laughed and joked about not being able to wait. He said he knew the feeling. As he closed the doors he put his hand in his pocket and rearranged his cock again. Except this time he took his hand back out and as he turned I could see a bulge which was nudging his flies apart. My own bulge was obvious too. As the train pulled away he turned to me and said that if neither of us could wait that maybe he should turn the lights off. My breathing went out of whack but I was able to say that yes, maybe he should.

As soon as he turned the lights off he gave his cock a squeeze through his trousers and I did the same. It was like we were giving an unspoken signal to each other that we were not going to back out. He started to undo his belt and I undid my jeans and began to slide them down along with my pants. I don’t know what took over me as I would never normally have been so brave. Just properly horny I guess. Suddenly he stopped and said hang on. He ducked into the guards booth and grabbed a sports towel from his rucksack. Then he sat down on the seat opposite me and pulled his trousers and pants down too. We were watching each other having a play with our bare knees touching. I would say he had about five to six inches and I had another inch on him but his balls hung low whilst mine were packed tight, and he had a full foreskin which he pulled all the way back and foreword as he wanked. I said what we were doing was crazy. He said “yeah, fun though”.

We were both watching each other wank at close quarters and my precum was beginning to make my cock very slick. I felt ready to explode at any moment. Then he spoke, “mate I’d love to have a feel of that if you’d let me.” My cock leaped in my hand at the offer. I took my hand off my cock and he reached over and started feeling me up, caressing my balls, and rubbing my slit with his thumb. I was so turned on it didn’t take much more than that. I told him I was about to come and he gave a couple of strong tugs on my cock which sent me over the edge. My first shot hit the underside of my chin and some of the next shot landed in my hair.

I was still cumming when I heard him say “fuck” under his breath. It was too late for me to return the favour as with a loud grunt he sprayed a massive load that seemed to go everywhere at once, mostly over my thighs.

As time was of the essence we quickly wiped ourselves down with the towel and got dressed. By the time we arrived at the next station we were sitting comfortably, worn out and satisfied, with the lights back on. I said that it had been good. He said the best.

I found out later that much like me he’d had a mate that he’d explored with when he was younger, and one in particular from his rugby days that he’d gone a lot further with. Then he’d got married and left all that behind. He said he’d recently separated from his wife when he found out she had been using his shifts to have several affairs behind his back. This had been his first time doing anything with anyone else since then. My last girlfriend had been over a year ago.

On the way back there was another passenger who sat in our carriage so we changed the subject but managed to swap numbers. When I got off at my station he squeezed my cock through my jeans in the dark and I felt his with the back of my hand. He said call me and I promised that I would. As I walked home I could feel small dribbles of wetness running down my leg where I’d missed cleaning up some of his spunk and it made me smile at how crazy we’d been.

About an hour and a half later my phone pinged. It was a text from him asking if I was still awake. I said I was and that I could call him back if he wanted as I had free minutes left in my phone plan. As soon as I heard his voice I felt relaxed again, and completely turned on. We ended up having phone sex. He told me he was rubbing the cum soaked towel we had cleaned up with over his body and that he wished there was another two loads on it.

We met up a few times after that. It got a bit tricky planning anything more as he lodged with a mate and his girlfriend and one of my neighbours worked for the trains and was known as a massive gossip, plus he didn’t want anyone to know, at least until his divorce was finalised. We did have a couple more train sessions when the coast was clear but sometimes it was just risky flashing to each other or sneaky feels though our clothes.

We stayed friendly for a while but gradually lost touch. I was always grateful for the fun we shared and will never forget our first encounter. In fact if I ever want to make myself shoot hard it’s one of the hottest memories I have.

Luckily I have some other good memories to keep it company too.

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6 months ago

Great story!

6 months ago

Fuckin horny story, mate. Gonna have to have a wank now having read it. Love blokes with rugby-player type bodies.

6 months ago

A well-told tale of a couple of very hot encounters. Thanks for sharing your experiences, mate.

6 months ago

Excellent story. First rate.

6 months ago

Reminds me of the last train home when I lived out of town. Whe I was younger!

4 months ago
Reply to  Dave

Tell us more.

5 months ago

Really nice story!

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