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Third time cottaging

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Submitted by Malcolm

Technically the title of this is misleading but I’m trying to keep everything sequential to make it easier for you guys to follow along. As you know if you’ve read my past experiences I’d been checking out a lot of cruisy urinals around London and having a lot of friendly wanks with random guys after my first time being wanked off in the porn cinema.

I was staying in London as a 21-year-old naive idiot and I’d just discovered the cruising/cottaging scene and learned how much fun it was to wank with other guys. I’d been going to a few places a lot. It was almost every day that I would find time to get to one of those public toilets and see what was happening. Sometimes it would be empty but I would be so turned on already I would just wank a load out on my own hoping someone would come in.

Other times there were loads of guys and I got to wank a few cocks and have a few guys wank me off before cum loads started splashing. Sometimes a guy would try to suck my cock or ask me to suck them and I would say I wasn’t interested in that. It wasn’t really true. After handling so many cocks and cumming with so many guys, and seeing so much cock sucking going on too, I was really curious about it. I definitely wasn’t interested in any fucking, I’d seen a few guys bending over to get fucked in a cubicle and I was sure that wasn’t for me and I didn’t have any curiosity about it, but sucking dick was definitely on my radar even though I kept saying no when it was suggested.

I eventually caved when I found my rocker mate again. After our first wank a couple of weeks before when I grabbed another dick for the first time I’d bumped into him a couple of times and we had some more wanking fun. He was always in the same place at around the same time. I’d been back there around that time because it was on my bus route home from the gym and probably three times out of ten he was there with his fat cock in his hand giving it some rubs with a guy and then when he saw me walk in he would be grabbing my dick.

We never exchanged names or anything like that but we got to know each other with just little smirks and nods.

So this time I got there before he did and there was another young lad about my age wanking a really long cock and showing it off for another older man who was waving his dick around for him. I knew these types well by then, they were the curious kind of guys who accidentally found out what was going on and stuck around to show off and watch.

I was giving my cock some rubbing and letting them admire my dick when my rocker mate walked in and took the space between us and in a second his fat cock was out and hard. The other guys were still watching while we reached out and took each other’s dicks and started wanking each other.

I can still remember what his cock felt like in my hand and I get hard every time I think about it. His was the only circumcised cock I’d ever seen and it was amazing to feel it. His helmet was so thick and swollen and his shaft was hot and clammy. I could feel the fat vein along the top of it when I rubbed him. My cock was just as hard as it always seemed to be and he loved rubbing it for me. He used to focus on my foreskin a lot and play with it in his fingers and rub his thumb around under my hood.

Our fingers were so wet and slippery with all the pre we were leaking.

That’s when I decided to just go for it and leaned down to taste his cock.

I wasn’t expecting to do it. For weeks I’d been turning down offers like that but I think my familiarity with him was what did it and made it all easier. I didn’t know what to expect when I licked his cock head but the taste of it was sweet and salty. I’d tasted my own pre and cum of course I think every guy has at some point but his was really tasty. I sucked on his helmet and had a hard time getting it between my lips (his cock head was really pretty fat!) but he seemed to like it. I tongued the little lips in the tip of his dick and tasted his juice seeping out of it and he pulled back.

My tongue lapped around his cock head a few more times and I could feel him getting harder and harder so I stopped because I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. I knew how much cum he could shoot.

I stood upright again but straight away I wanted to suck it again. We wanked each other a bit more and then he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth and my balls pulled up tight straight away. I could feel his tongue slipping under my foreskin and licking all around my bell end and it was insanely hot.

Looking back on it I think he was new to sucking cocks too but we both had an instinct and seemed to know what to do. He was older than me and in his thirties but it made it better thinking that he was new to it like I was.

I tapped him on the shoulder because I knew I was about to cum. He gave my cock a couple more good sucks and then pulled off just when I started shooting it off and I hit him in the face with my cum. He stood up and my jizz was over his lips and chin and he wiped my cum away with his sleeve.

We wanked each other into the urinal and our cocks were just shooting it off all over the porcelain. It was fucking amazing. He could always shoot a lot of cum and it was really thick splashes, almost like ropes of yogurt, and it just spurred me on and seemed to make me cum even harder.

The other two guys were still there and wanking off watching us and I think they both shot their loads with us but me and the rocker guy were focused on watching our cum slinging out of our dicks.

So that’s the first time I sucked a cock and let another guy blow me. It was really quick but it satisfied my curiosity and after that I was more into sucking dicks with guys but it had to be the right guy. There were a lot of cocks I didn’t mind wanking but if I was gonna suck a dick it had to be a good one 🙂

I met up with that rocker dude more times after that and we had the same kind of thing, just wanks and sucking each other. I got used to it with him and it was always fun. Whenever either of us saw the other we would

We only cum in each other’s mouths once and I think we would have done that more but we liked seeing each other cum.

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3 years ago

Well done mate, you’ve given me a raging hard on !

3 years ago

Had some good times playing with cocks at the urinals.

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