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Tom Lawson returns to rub dicks with hung Rich Wills

Site reviewI know we were all expecting to see hairy straight Rugby player Tom Lawson come back to rub dicks with muscle lad Jarvis Knight, but the site has surprised us with something that I think a lot of you guys are gonna love even more.

If you know anything about the site (and I think you do) you know that getting horny lads like these rubbing cocks with each other on video and shooting off some good loads is basically what they do, so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that Tom has come in to rub dicks with another one of their hottest guys for this video. It’s just that we weren’t expecting to see this particular pairing, and it’s really good.

Rich Wills is back to share some fun, getting his 8.5″ uncut cock out with the new lad, and these guys really have a great time playing with those cocks together!

The two boys start out comparing their bods, taking each other’s clothes off and flexing for the cameras. Rich is one of those naturally fit guys who always seems to look good, but Tom has the kind of body we’re all jealous off. Admit it, you would love to have a body like that!

Soon enough Tom is getting his new friend’s cock out, it’s long and hanging, smooth and pink, and it’s soon getting rock hard when Tom strokes him. If you saw Tom’s other videos you know this straight guy has discovered an appreciation for the feel of another guy’s cock in his hand so you won’t be surprised to see him eagerly wanking his new buddy off.

His own cock is soon out too, and within moments it’s rising up and being wanked by Rich. The guys play with those hard cocks and slide their foreskins back, their hanging balls jiggling and getting a little groping too.

This is a full on session of friendly cock play between a couple of horny lads who love to wank, and you can expect a whole lot of frotting with these guys. They really seem to be getting off on rubbing those boners together and we all totally understand the horniness they’re experiencing.

Perhaps the best part about this video is seeing them making each other cum. I love making a wank buddy blast his load out and that’s exactly what Rich does. He works that thick and solid cock for Tom until semen is splashing out of his hooded dick and raining down all over him and the floor. It’s a big load, but then we’ve come to expect big cum shots from this hairy lad.

This is the first time Tom has made his wank mate cum in any video, and you can tell he’s not sure about it when Rich starts pumping warm cock juice from his dick, his load pouring over Tom’s hand. He’ll get used to that!

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