Tradies – Lunchtime Relief – Part 7

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Louis thinks back to the times he had with friends before, realizing that several of them had probably shared their cocks and stroked each other in the way his friend Jim had just shared.

Excerpt from Tradies – Lunchtime Relief – Part 7

He was the horniest and most brazen of the gang and he never needed any excuse to get his cock out.

I remember when he’d started his first full-time job with a local construction company and he’d managed to get Alan, one of our other friends, a few hours of not-entirely-legal work cleaning up a site they were about to start on. Alan told me what Mikey was like while they were working. They’d been on site for a few hours when Mikey announced it was time for a break and apparently he just pulled a porn magazine out of his back pack, got his floppy cock out of his jeans and just started wanking off right there, with the magazine open on a stack of pallets while he stood there beating his meat.

Alan insisted that he just sat there eating his sandwiches while Mikey wanked off, but I wonder if he really joined in with him. Apparently they could have been caught any moment by one of the brickies driving up from their caravans on site but Mikey didn’t seem to care, he just wanked off and squirted his cum all over the ground, then they got back to work.

I’d never really thought about the prospect of any of those guys wanking each other but now that the thought was being openly talked about I could absolutely imagine that he would have made a deal with one of the other guys in the gang to swap cocks and help each other out. Thinking about all the guys we knew back then I immediately recognized that at least three of them probably would have done it if Mikey had dared them to.


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