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Submitted by Matt S

I was traveling via Plane on a long boring flight I’ve made over 100 times. This time was different, as I was nervous. I was nervous, because I am Married to a nice woman, but after nearly 20 years, I wanted, no…I NEEDED something different. Something from my past.

This flight, I had immediately put my BuddyBate Button pin on my backpack I carry my laptop in. I’ve never been so nervous. So, away I go.

Thru TSA, to the lounge, nothing. I board my plane, thinking maybe it wasn’t visible, or no one knows what it is, etc. We push back from the gate, I’m nestled in seat 3A, and we get the inevitable delay on the tarmac. 30 minutes. Great.

At that point, the attendant checks his list again, gets up, and a minute later, he is assisting a man about my age move from coach to 1st class. He sits, we make small talk, and finally, take off. It’s a nearly 4 hour flight, so the 1st hour is so, we’re both busy working on our tablets/laptops. Dinner is served, and I put my laptop in my backpack and he stands up to do the same, so I ask if he’s mind putting mine in the overhead as well. He replied it was no problem and I hand him my pack. Forgetting about “the Button”. I see him putting the bag in, stop, then without saying anything, holds his pack next to mine, and does the “Ahem…” cough.

LIGHTNING BOLTS and Butterfly’s hit my stomach. He has a buddy Bate Button on his pack.

He grins, sits down, just as our meals are coming out to us. I don’t even know how to start. So I’m hoping he takes the lead. As the attendant is handing us our trays, my seat mate says “And my BUDDY would like a red wine too please.” That’s all it took. We had a very hushed chat, discussing normal everyday stuff like wives, lives, kids, travel, etc. Then, he popped out his tablet and wrote a note like we were in grade school. “I like you, and wouldn’t mind talking about our matching Buttons. I’m staying @ ######.”

I take the digital pen from his hand, mine shaking, and I write, “I’d like that too. I’m staying just 2 hotels over. Either place is fine, but mine overlooks the River.”

His reply was his Phone #, and “Let’s Sext, and I’ll Cum to your place. I like the Riverview.”

We then continued our regular conversation quietly, a few gestures here and there. At landing, we went and got our bags, shared a ride to the same area, his stop first. He says he’ll be over in about an hour, and shuts the door.

I nervously check in and am overly excited. I shower brush my teeth, and redress nice but casual. Never having done this with a stranger,y mind is racing.

Then, the Knock at the door. I gulp and swallow hard. Take a deep breath, and…I open the door to my hotel room, there he is. I extend my hand for a handshake, and he pulls me in for a kiss. We embrace as we close the door, no words spoken yet. We start heading towards the bed, undressing each other but still locked together. Panting harder. Clothes can’t come off fast enough. Shirts off, hands roaming all over each other’s upper torso. One hand on his back, one hand undoing his pants. I bend slightly to push down his pants, and take a nipple into my mouth. Cupping his ass with my other hand. Now, his slight moan breaks the silence. I move my hand from around his ass, searching for his Hardening hot cock. My searching is over, and I find it stiff and erect and grasp it. Still suckling on his nipples.

Slowly, I slip his foreskin back and forth and get him breathing faster. I put my hard dick against his cock, and squeeze them together. We then embrace tighter and start to grind our bodies together.

He steps back, and falls to the bed, I follow suit, but kneeling in front of him, naked. I continue stroking him as he leans back. I’m also slightly stroking mine, but not to cause a fast orgasm.

He pulls me up next to him, turning as I get on my knees next to him so he has access to my cock and balls. He reaches under, first finds my hard nipple, , gently rolling them between fingers and thumb. Cupping my breast, making me hornier than I already was. He reaches a bit more, finding my dripping hard cock, and his hand encloses around the slick head.

In unison, were stroking each other, licking precum from fingers. Both living each minute.His hand moves from from my cock to my balls, and now start to massage my taint around my quivering hole. My inhibition is gone is he wets his fingers and starts fingering my hole, as his other hand is stroking me. As this is new to me, I may start to mimic his actions. We are now side by side, fingering and stroking each other.

It’s now time, he knows it, I know it. I crawl down and turn around, him now positioned above me. I continue to stroke him, and can feel his cock swelling, and know he is almost there. I point his thick cock towards mine, as the release of his sperm starts to hit. Every large rope of Cum splashes onto my hard penis as I milk his cock for every last drop. He starts to grab his cock and rub it against mine, now coated with his white hot sperm. As I reach to complete my orgasm, he reaches down, and starts stroking me using his cum as lube. I’m now fully spread eagle and he’s stroking me smoothly and easily as I feel the cum in my balls boil and make its way up to my shaft. I erupt into his hand on an upstroke and my thick cum pours out of my slit. It’s the most volume of semen I’ve ever produced and is all over my shaft, balls and running down across my hole.

His cock still semi standing, he moves it onto my cock, hard still, and leaking the last bit of my cum. His hand and fingers still rubbing my groin. He gathers a large amount of our mixed Cum and rubs it all over my chest and nipples. He then collapses on me, our lips embraced and our cum mixing between us.

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He asks if it’s ok to stay the night, and I reply that we can get room service.

We were both in town for 3 nights…3 wonderful nights.

Hi Matt!

Wow, what an experience! We’re still working on getting the buttons and stickers out there as much as possible (and readers are helping with that, finding guys in their towns and cities on adult communities like Tubes and sending them our way) but these are exactly the kinds of unexpected encounters we were hoping would happen.

I hope you guys stay in touch and meet up again, and let us know if you find any other guys to stroke it with too!

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  • February 8, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    Mate, that made me rock hard. Nice one !

  • February 13, 2019 at 8:37 am

    Wow dude. Just wow.

  • February 15, 2019 at 5:14 pm

    Wow so damn hot. I had a boner while reading. Thanks for that fuckin hot story.


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