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Two horny friends fuck a fleshlight until it’s dripping cum!

Submitted by WankFan

“The first thing I did when I turned 18 was have a drink with my brother” Josh said, smacking the button on the controller and ending the game, looking at Martin with smug satisfaction. “What’s the first thing you’re gonna do now you’ve caught up?”

Martin had turned 18 just a couple of days before, and he knew what he wanted. He’d thought about it for a long time and looked around on the Internet for the best deals.

He wanted a Fleshlight.

Josh was pretty surprised, he’d seen them too but they were so expensive he never even though about actually buying one. The most he could get was some lube, and maybe a cheap stroker.

“Seriously? You’re gonna buy a Fleshlight?” Josh asked again, incredulously.

“Come on, you know you want one too. You can’t tell me you’ve seen all those ads out there and all the videos on the tubes and not thought about it!” Martin was certain he was into the idea, and he needed him to be.

For Martin is wasn’t about the money, he could afford it with the cash his dad have given him.

For him it was about privacy. Ever since his dad had tried to send him a Black Widow catapult in the mail a couple of years before and he stupidly opened it in front of them his mum and step-dad opened everything. They were like prison wardens when it came to checking for contraband. He was worried about where he would keep it in his room too, but he had a few ideas of for hiding places where they’d never find it.

“The thing is” Martin began, “I can’t have it delivered here”.

Josh looked at him with a grin “sure, no problem. I’m home alone when shit turns up for Greg anyway so another box coming to the house won’t be a big deal”.

Was it that simple? Had Martin just solved his problem and found a way to get the toy he really wanted? “Great! I’m gonna get on the site and order it now”.

“Wait!” Josh interrupted as he reached for his laptop “If I get it delivered to my place, can I try it too?”

Martin thought for a moment. His cock twitched in his shorts at the prospect of finally getting one to try and he really didn’t care about anything else. “Okay, but don’t open it until you’re here at the weekend when the prison guards are away”

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Moments later, with the deal made and Martin’s laptop open as they browsed through the BlokeToys shop, they made their purchase and ordered a tight pussy sleeve with a ribbed tunnel. The excitement was palpable, neither of them could wait to see it, to feel it, to wank off using it. They didn’t say anything about the fact that both their cocks were hard and wet in their shorts as Martin went through the payment page and the order was confirmed.

The days went by slowly, with Martin almost constantly wanking out loads thinking about what it was going to be like. He hadn’t seen Josh the entire week when he finally got the text Saturday morning telling him that his best mate was on his way with a special box in his bag.

The moment Josh arrived they went upstairs to Martin’s room, excited, dicks hard and wet again in their jeans as they fought with the plain brown box. Josh had been so happy there was nothing obvious on the package, he’d worried a few times that someone else would get to the door, or he’d miss it and the postman would leave it with Joe next door and it would have a massive branding sticker on it advertising what was inside. Thankfully they’d been totally discreet.

They tore open the box and admired the packaging, pulling out the toy and unscrewing the cap. The detailed pussy was revealed and Martin felt it with his finger, slipping a digit between the raised lips and experiencing the tightness of the opening.

“Shit, that’s really tight!” he said, handing it to his buddy to try.

Josh agreed, his entire middle finger plunging into the hole to feel the ribs and bumps inside. “It’s a good thing I thought ahead and bought my lube over too” he revealed a bottle of Liquid Silk from his bag with a smile, “this stuff feels great, trust me”

“I still don’t know how my cock is gonna fit into this thing” Martin said.

“I guess we’re just gonna have to try it and see, right?” Josh was eager, he wasn’t the kind of boy to wait around.

“What? Now?” Martin was surprised, this was totally not what he was expecting to happen, but his cock was drooling at the prospect of sliding into it and he couldn’t wait much longer. He knew Josh was down for almost anything most of the time so even if he backed out of this idea he was gonna have to endure the sight of his best mate fucking his toy.

“Okay, let me put some porn on”

By the time Martin had found one of his favorite threesomes and turned around Josh had his jeans and his boxers around his ankles, standing admiring the pussy hole with his 8-inch cock standing straight up and pointing to the ceiling.

“For fuck’s sake! Give me a chance!” Martin said, snatching his toy from his friend’s hands. Josh grabbed his cock and started wanking, eager to experience the tight hole for himself and impatiently waiting for his friend to get going.

They’d been friends for years, seen each other naked hundreds of times on camping trips and after football, they’d even watched porn together a few times, but they’d never seen each other hard and wanking. Martin was intrigued by the look of his friend’s cock, hard and wet, his big balls saggy and swinging as he stroked himself. He stole glimpses here and there when he could, but he wasn’t sure why.

His own cock was straining in his jeans by this point. He placed the fleshlight on the desk and unbuckled his belt, his jeans and boxers swiftly shucked down to the floor and his 7.5 inch dick swinging upward to slap against his abs.

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Josh checked it out, not saying anything while he admired his friend’s throbbing length and slowly stroked himself.

Martin had almost forgotten the porn as they knelt on the floor side-by-side, both watching as he lubed up his helmet, sliding his foreskin back and then fingering the toy with lube.

“You’ll need more than that in there” Josh advised.

Martin poured a little into the pussy hole and lined up his cock head, sinking into the opening slowly while Josh watched and wanked.

“Holy shit!” Martin murmured “it’s cold, but it feels fucking awesome!” Soon his entire length was inside it, the lips of the toy meeting his wrinkled ball sack. He slid back out with a slurping sound as the vacuum gripped his cock for him, “wow, the sucking is so fucking good!”

Josh was mesmerized, his long shaft bulging with veins and constantly oozing clear liquid from his swollen tip as he watched his friend’s solid cock sliding in and out slowly, fucking the fleshlight as his balls swung heavy beneath.

“Okay mate, my turn” Josh almost pleaded, watching Martin give it another couple of strokes before pulling out and handing it to his buddy.

Josh looked at the slick opening, wet with lube and his best friend’s precum. He couldn’t wait to slide in and feel it, his cock head nudging at the lips, his meat sinking into the hole, stretching it open with his thick size.

Martin watched, slowly stroking his wet dick and looking at his friends expression as inch after inch of his thick meat slipped into the toy.

“Shit man, you’re right! It feels so fucking amazing!” He gave it a couple of pumps, feeling the heat from his friend’s cock still in the fleshy tunnel as the beads and ribs inside tickled his exposed helmet.

“Damn, I’m not gonna last long in this thing.” He was still slowly fucking it, the porn almost completely forgotten while his friend watched him sliding in and out.

“Hand it back, I need to get off quick” Martin demanded. His cock was dripping juice now, his balls were already pulling up tight. “I need to really fuck it, come and hold it here”

Josh slipped the toy off his cock, his wet tip slapping up against his tight abs and leaving a wet splat patch against the slight dark fur there. He wasn’t sure what Martin meant about fucking it, or holding it, but he followed his friend and stepped out of their jeans and boxers completely, heading to the computer desk.

Martin took the toy and placed it at the edge of the desk, the perfect height for them.

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“Hold it there for me mate” he asked.

Josh took hold and watched as Martin’s cock slid into it, seconds later he was thrusting his length in and out of the wet hole. The sucking, slapping and slurping sounds were almost enough to have Josh spurting his load, but he held back and watched as his friend’s cock fucked it.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” Martin paused, his dick deep inside the tunnel his friend was holding against the desk as rope after rope of hot semen erupted from his helmet. The pleasure was incredible, rushing through him in wave after wave as his cock convulsed and splashed his load into the tunnel. Josh was amazed, so turned on, his hard dick dripping a long stream of clear juice from his eager glistening tip and flowing down his length while he held the toy with both hands.

“I need it too, hold it for me” Josh pleaded. “Quick!”

Martin pulled his sensitive cock from the toy, drenched in cum and lube, semen oozing and seeping out of the pussy lips and dripping down to the carpet.

He was a little out of breath “go clean it out in the bathroom and…”

“Nope, can’t wait” Josh interrupted, holding the fleshlight on the desk and slamming his swollen helmet into the dripping hole.

Martin grabbed the toy and held it for him, returning the favour as Josh humped his meat into the opening, feeling the slick and hot swamp of his friend’s fresh cum enveloping his exposed helmet.

Martin had really pumped a massive load into it, so much cum was already in there that as Josh crammed his thick and long cock into it his friend’s juices gushed out of the sides, splashing his balls and thighs.

It was incredible, the mixture of the slippery load already in there, warm and drenching, with the ribs and nubs stroking his shaft and tip was too much.

“Ah! Fuck!” he slid his dick out, slammed it back in, slid out again once more and missing the hole as he thrust back toward it, his helmet slapping up against his abs as the first fountain of semen erupted from his shaft and splashed down all over the toy, all over the desk, all over Martin’s hands!

Martin didn’t flinch, the feel of his buddy’s cum splashing out only made his own dick twitch some more, still hard and still needing another round even after filling the toy with cum once already. The sight of his buddy’s cock spewing out so much jizz like that just made him want to grab his dick again and wank out more with him!

He held back on the urge, gripping the toy for his friend to finish his ejaculation.

Josh grabbed his wet and convulsing shaft and plunged his helmet right back into the dripping hole, flooding it with more of his cum as jet after jet of semen left his body to join the pool of teenage jizz his buddy had just pumped into it!

The climax rocked his body, making him shake, making his balls ache with the effort of the load he’d just erupted.

As he paused and felt the last of his load pump from his dick, all he could say was “fuck, we need to do that again later. Next time you can have the sloppy seconds”

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    “feeling the slick and hot swamp of his friend’s fresh cum enveloping his exposed helmet”
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