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Uncut straight guy Miguel enjoys showing off for the guys

I get the feeling we’re going to be seeing a little more of Miguel after this solo stroke show on the Spunk Worthy site.

He’s a horny guy who loves to show off, and although he’s into the ladies he seems to really get off on the idea that other guys are out there enjoying the sight of him stroking that uncut straight guy cock. He’s already getting hard from the moment he’s getting it out and he admits that he’s got a thing for being on show.

I get the feeling he’s one of those guys you see at the gym strolling around with his dick swinging, the kind of guy who might get hard in the showers and stroke one out if someone can see him.

He’s apparently been saving up his cum for a few days and hasn’t had the chance to shoot off a load like he normally would. I guess he’s one of those horny dudes who likes to rub one out at least once a day. That means we get a lot from the guy in this video, with him stroking and showing off for the fans, edging his load and building up until he gets the green light to start splashing his load out over himself.

He makes a pretty good mess too, splashing his semen out over his abs. Then he surprises us again and starts playing with his cum, bringing his hand up to his mouth and licking his juices from his fingers!

I’m gonna call it and say we’re at least gonna get a hand job video with this guy. I don’t think he’s the kind of jock to turn down an opportunity to be wanked off by another guy if someone offers.

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