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Uncut straight guy wanked off on video for the first time

I love the videos from Spunk Worthy, they have some great hand job sessions like this one and it’s always great to see a guy getting jerked off by another dude for the first time and seeing how good it feels.

Uncut straight guy Wayne is the one getting his meat worked for him in this session. He’s only had a happy ending once before when he went to Vegas with a buddy. Of course, that was from a woman, so he was really not sure about doing anything more than wanking his own load out on video for the site.

But you know the story, the bills start piling up and the money starts looking more and more attractive.

Even though he was reluctant about it he was apparently so horny to get a load out he was hard from the moment he got there. The nervousness about letting another guy wank his cock for him didn’t stop his uncut dick from getting solid.

Obviously it went well, his cock was raging through most of it and even when they were paused he was jerking himself off and edging his meat. When the time finally came for our uncut straight guy to get that cream gushing he’s humping his cock up and erupting his thick load out over himself!

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