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Vibratex Maven The Love Glove REVIEW

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I have to admit I was dubious about the Vibratex Maven The Love Glove when I saw the price and the claims being made. It’s a sleeve, a simple design, the kind of masturbator that usually sells for far less than this one retails at. I was assured that the thing that makes this special is the material and the pleasure it can deliver, so I decided to go looking for reviews to see what it was exactly that makes this masturbator worth the price.

The reviews I saw were mixed, but leaned heavily toward the positive and the only negatives seemed to be about its durability, something I can usually put down to misuse. The thing with a lot of toys that guys say “fell apart” after five or ten uses is that they usually degraded because they were using oil or silicone lubricants, weren’t washing them appropriately or left them in direct sunlight, all of which quickly ages TPE and silicone materials leading to them becoming fragile and easily torn.

If you’ve ever used silicone or oil lube with a jelly toy and seen it turn to sticky mush after only a few uses, you know what I mean. We’ve all been there.

So, reading all the positive reviews from guys saying it took them to the edge within moments and it’s better than their Fleshlight (hard to believe, but okay) I decided to give it a try, with the blessing of the wife who was even more reluctant for me to spend money but eventually conceded after reading some of those same reviews.

The box is a bit blurgh, I have to say. It’s a Japanese product and I think you can tell from the packaging, with clear plastic with flowers on it and some simple text. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we need instructions for something like this, but I think the packaging could be helped with a little redesign.

I couldn’t wait to get it out o the box and feel it. My expectations were met when I did. It’s a soft and spongy material with little nubs inside the tube, but it’s nothing like the jelly sleeves we’re used to. You can feel that this would give you greater resistance than a lot of fleshy sleeves and I now know that this is the reason guys love it so much, even if they never or rarely make clear why.

When I lubed up (with water based lube) and slid my cock inside it was a snug and stretchy fit, and instantly it felt amazing. I drip a lot of precum usually but inside this thing I was pouring it out, it just felt that good. The pressure created inside by the closed end gave me just the right gentle sucking, and with a little pressure around the sleeve I could change how it felt sliding up and down on my dick.

One of the most common complaints I see from other guys about Japanese toys is that they’re usually too small and tight for their cock. I have a pretty thick dick but I could fit inside this one nicely, and as it’s about 7 inches long I had good coverage along my meat for a great stroke session.

I only lasted about five minutes before I was pulling out and shooting off, and I really shot a lot. That usually tells me it’s a good toy I’m gonna come back to a lot in the future.

I have done. In the four days I’ve had it I’ve used it every day, and I’m just getting the hang of edging with it and lasting longer. My wife has yet to use it on me but I think we’ll be doing that in the next few days.

In conclusion:

Is it pricey for what it is? Perhaps. Then again, if I can get 40 wanks out of this that’s less than £1 a cum load, and I’m happy with that. I can see why some other guys might have broken out of theirs, but I plan to treat this special toy like royalty, bathing it carefully before and after use, using only water based lube, and not trying to ram my cock in it like a barbarian lol

It feels amazing, thanks to the resistance of the TPE material and the texture inside. I’ve seen other guys saying the nubs within it were too much for their cock to take so they managed to scrape them off. You could probably do that without damaging it too much, but I would say it’s better to get used to that extra sensation and really enjoy your bate rather than reduce the pleasure.

Ultimately I really wish there were more toys made from this stuff because I would fill an entire room with them.

I would most certainly recommend this masturbator. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to eventually meeting up with one of my bate buddies for a long edging session and sharing this toy with him. It would be incredible if the company developed an open-ended sleeve for us both to frot inside and I’m actually considering maybe taking the end off of this one eventually and seeing what it’s like for us both to use it together.

If I do I’ll let you know how that goes.

The Vibratex Maven The Love Glove can be purchased from our friends at BlokeToys with secure international delivery.




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I go by the name Biggun. I'm a 52 year old married man from the Midlands, UK. I'm a professional in the field of business consultancy but in my free time I enjoy intense masturbation both solo and with other men. I have an interest in toys and lubricants and like to explore and try new things. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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3 years ago

I bought one of these and its my favourite toy now. Fucking love sliding into it and filling it with my cum.

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