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Wanked with a mate for the first time last night

Submitted by Anon in Manchester

I’ve never been a member here or at least not an active one. I love wanking and that’s the reason why I check out the blog. I love seeing guys enjoying their own dicks and cumming loads and I’m always wanking off with toys and lube so that’s another reason.

I’ve never wanked with a mate before but last night I had my first experience and it was fucking great!

I never really thought about doing it and it’s pretty funny that I’m the one who visits blogs like this but he’s the one who got our wank started lol

I was helping him move after work and when we were finished we started setting up his living room. He has all the gadgets and everything is connected and he said the priority was getting his TV hooked up so he could surf for pussy that night.

It became our mission for the next hour and after a lot of fucking around with the router and the WiFi we finally got on the internet and he started checking out tube sites straight away.

I’ve known him for years and I’ve seen his cock a couple of times, just drunken flashing with mates and getting changed and stuff like that, but this time he just got his cock out and started wanking it right there on the sofa.

I didn’t know what to do at first but then he asked if I was just gonna sit there or have a wank. We were supposed to be ordering pizza so I know he didn’t expect me to leave.

So I got my cock out and sat at the other end of the sofa.

That was it, we just sat there for a good half an hour watching porn clips and wanking our dicks, we didn’t compare cocks or anything like that, we just sat there talking about the porn and the girls we’ve fucked and then when it came time he shot his cum into one of the plastic boxes he’d moved some of his cables in and then slid the box to me.

I spunked out my load right after that. Seeing his cock squirting and then looking at all his cum in the box made me start cumming straight away and I shot a massive load right on top of his jizz.

It was a great experience. I admit I liked the look of his cock and seeing his wet skin slipping over his big helmet was a real turn on. It was unexpected but I definitely loved it and really hope we get to wank out some loads together again. I don’t want to wank him off or anything, just stroking and squirting with my mate is horny enough for me.

Thanks for the site, keep it up!

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One thought on “Wanked with a mate for the first time last night

  • April 28, 2016 at 2:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing mate – always enjoy hearing how other blokes got started wanking with mates.


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