Wanking a load out with another random guy in the woods
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Wanking in the woods with a random jogger

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Submitted by Anonymous in London

I only ever had one wank experience with another man and that was with a random guy in the woods a couple of years ago.

Every morning I go for a run and take a route through the woods. I get out there as early as possible, usually around half five in the morning before anyone else is out. I usually stop to take a piss at the side of the track. It’s so freeing to be able to just get my cock out knowing no one else is around.

One morning I was standing there taking my first piss of the day when another guy came up along the path. Usually, I would have just put my cock away and carried on jogging, but I was already mid-flow.

I had a morning stiffy too. Sometimes, if I was in the mood, I might wank one out in the woods and then carry on with my run, but on this morning I was expecting to go home and wake my wife up for some fun before we both headed off to work.

It was kind of strange, suddenly it occurred to me that I didn’t know what the etiquette was for a greeting another jogger while you’re holding your cock. I quickly decided politeness is always the best option, and as he was quickly approaching and within feet of me I said “Morning, looks like you caught me out!” and chuckled.

He slowed a little and replied “Morning. Nice cock!”

Hurriedly I responded, “Thanks!”

It honestly never occurred to me that all of this might have been “cruising” in the technical sense. All I knew is that I had my (almost hard) cock out taking a piss and another passing jogger had commented on it. It wasn’t until much later that I considered I might have unwittingly engaged in cruising.

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He slowed down about twenty feet ahead of me and turned around, his own cock now out of his shorts and hanging over his waistband “I think I might be bigger” he said, stepping toward me.

I was still thinking this was all a jokey interaction with another guy. I know, I’m naive and I should have figured it out a lot sooner, but for some reason, I just didn’t get it at that moment and replied “Ha! I don’t have a tape measure on me.”

Needless to say, this was pretty much an open invite and the guy carried on coming towards me. “That’s okay, I know I’m 8 inches, let’s see how you measure up”.

I’d stopped pissing and was about to put my hard cock away, but moments later I was panicking as he stood right in front of me with his cock next to mine, our shafts side-by-side.

Call me inexperienced if you like, but the only time I had ever seen another guy’s hard cock was in porn, and once in the gym showers when a massive muscle man was wanking one out thinking no one could see him.

I’d definitely never had another guy’s cock so close to mine that I could feel the heat from his length against my own skin.

I was fascinated. All I could find to say was “I’m not gay”, and he replied, “me neither”. Yet, still, here were both were with our hard cocks in our hands, comparing them and talking about size.

He was right, he was bigger than me, by about half an inch. Not that any of that mattered now.

We stood there for a few moments comparing our erections, gently sliding our foreskins back and forth, until our shafts touched ever so slightly.

The pleasure was instantaneous, almost as though an electrical spark had jumped between us and flicked a switch.

Our cocks were both oozing pre-cum as our lengths collided shaft to tip, skin-on-skin, two almost perfectly fitting curves of manhood joined together into one hard and throbbing mass of erotic flesh.

Our hands began to explore, cupping heavy balls, feeling the cool skin in our palms as our testicles rolled over and churned in their sack.

He grabbed our combined cocks, wanking us together, his hand just about able to fit around both our thick cocks at once.

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The feel of his big round nuts in my hand was driving me crazy, I didn’t think my cock had ever been this hard before. I know I had never leaked this much pre-cum or been this close to cumming so quickly.

I grabbed my dick by the root and he grabbed his, our cocks slipping and slapping together. I moved to take his shaft and awkwardly began wanking him off as he grabbed my cock and returned the favour.

It was so insanely hot as we maneuvered our cock heads to battle it out. Our foreskins slid back, our fat helmets red and glistening with juice as we rubbed them against each other.

That was all I needed. The intensity of our swollen glans sliding against each other and the warm and wet hardness of our dicks rubbing and frotting together sent me over the edge and I muttered that I was cumming.

Seconds later my cock erupted in thick and heavy ropes of hot cum, leaping out of my solid cock tip and splashing over his hand and hairy bush. The root of his own ejaculating cock was soon decorated with my cum, strings of glistening white adorned his short pubes and snaked around the veiny base of his manhood.

His dick was instantly squirting too, firing off milky mess all over my own meat and down the front of my shorts. It was amazing feeling the heat of another man’s semen splashing all over my erection just as my own juices were squirting!

Our groans of pleasure were genuine as we gently mumbled in each other’s ear, watching our cocks pumping out thick wads of cream over each other’s shafts. My knees were genuinely weak as my dick continued to erupt, decorating his cock as his decorated mine.

There was so much semen, as my own climax began to slow and our wet and dripping dicks slid around against each other in a sticky mess. I could feel his load pouring from my scrotum and dripping down between my thighs.

I knew I had shot so much over his own shorts and dick, but we just didn’t care.

When we finally came to our senses and stepped back we realized the mess we’d made. The front of our shorts were drenched. Gobs of cum were clinging to our hairy thighs and dripping down past our knees.

We packed our cocks away and that was it, he said “catch you later” and was running ahead of me again. I followed for a few minutes wondering what the fuck just happened to me, then he took a left turn and I took a right.

I managed to get home ten minutes later without anyone seeing me.

I never did see that guy again. Even though I paused at that same spot with my hard cock out and in my hand waiting for another friendly stroke he never appeared. I started wanking in the woods every morning after that but things soon progressed to other experiences.

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Even though I never got to play with his cock again he started a new chapter of my sex life. He wasn’t the last man to drench my cock with his cum.


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I'm a straight/curious bro-bater living in London England. I'm 36 and work in events management. I spend my free time swimming, running, playing tennis, hiking, camping and going to the gym. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman who understands my appreciation of masturbation and my encounters with other baters. I've always enjoyed writing and putting my fantasies and experiences down in words for other baters to enjoy and I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my work here.

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Lee Stoddard
5 years ago

Great recall bud.
Git my dick throbbing reading the creamy slick details.
I am suprised you haven’t looked for another bate bud after that detailed telling of how much you enjoyed it.
I have met a few willing to give a guy a helping biking, jogging, or just out camping.

4 years ago
Reply to  Lee Stoddard

Awesome story… made me so horny thinking of you guys milking and wanking each other in the woods… would love that encounter with another man just out if the blue

11 months ago

Hot story!

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