Wanking My Mate While We Were Getting Sucked

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Submitted by LukeShoots

My first time wanking another guy’s cock happened in 2014. I still think about wanking my mate and it gets me hard. That’s why I read BuddyBate. I had a few experiences after that but no regular mates to wank with.

Other guys have shared their stories of MMF bator experiences so I thought you guys might like mine.

A gang of us went to Marbella for 2 weeks and my mate Bryan hooked up with a crazy local girl who worked at the hotel. She was really hot. Slim and blonde with a nice ass and tits. Me and Bryan were sharing a room so there wasn’t much privacy and I walked in on them fucking twice.

The second time I walked in on them I was in the shower when she turned up so I walked out into the room with my cock just hanging out lol

After that she asked Bryan if I wanted to join in and have a threesome. I never did anything like that before but I was a horny 19 year old lad and my cock was well up for it.

Bryan wasn’t sure about it but we were all just being crazy and having a good time so he eventually agreed to it.

It was fucking amazing. We both fucked her and when we were nearly finished she started sucking our cocks. She was kneeling between me and Bryan and she started rubbing our cocks together. It felt so good when she rubbed us together I was almost shooting my load.

When she started sucking just my cock she grabbed my hand and kind of directed me to wank Bryan. I didn’t want to at first but I think she basically gave us an excuse to do it and I grabbed his dick and started tugging him off.

He had a nice cock. It was so hard! We’re about the same size but his dick is thicker.

Bryan liked me wanking him. When she got back to sucking his cock he reached out and started wanking my dick. She didn’t even need to tell him to do it he just did.

We carried on wanking each other and making our cocks slap her tongue and face and then it all got too much and I started squirting my load. Bryan started squirting at the same time and we made a massive mess all over her. She loved it! We were still holding each other’s dicks and slapping each other’s cocks in all the cum all over her face!

We didn’t talk about it after that and I think we kind of just pretended it didn’t happen. After a few more days we flew home.

I still remember exactly what it felt like wanking my mate and the feel of his hand milking my cock. It took me a long time to realize that I was really into it but now I’m a proper bator.

I’m still mates with all those guys but my and Bryan never talked about it. I still think about it a lot and I wonder if he would be down to wank again if I asked him. Maybe I will eventually.

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1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this Lukeshoots, such a compelling story to read! I’m a 71 year old English sissyman wanker and I was playing with myself whilst reading it!
Best wishes

1 year ago

Yeah, you should! Mention to Bryan how much you liked that experience; you were too shy, but that you still wanted to tell him anyway… and, that you wished you two could do it again! Ask him how much he liked it.

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