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Wanking Out A Load With Straight Boxer Louis Martin

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Video title: Young Straight Boxer Shows off his Muscular Body & Wanks his Big Hard Uncut Cock!

Source: EnglishLads

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This isn’t the first time Louis Martin has been in front of the cameras and showing off his body, but it’s the first time he’s got that straight uncut cock out for a wank on video.

He’s a confident lad, but then looking the way he does you can understand why. He’s a sporty and very fit guy who likes to work out and enjoys boxing, and he’s been doing it for a while.

Now, you might not believe this, but he’s apparently only 19.

I know, you’re going to refuse to believe that he could possibly be that young, but apparently he is. I don’t think it really matters, he looks good and he’s a confident young man who seems pretty relaxed about getting his uncut dick out and having a good wank for the guys.

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Just like a lot of young men who are so sporty he’s easygoing about being naked with the guys. You can imagine he’s spent plenty of time in showers and changing rooms and he’s probably been naked around a lot of his buddies numerous times. A lot of guys like him just don’t have an issue getting their dick out around other guys and having a good wank.

Has he wanked out some loads with buddies before? We don’t know (I seriously wish they would ask their models questions like that) but I can imagine him kicking back with a friend and stroking out some loads to something horny.

He has a really great dick, long and slender. When he’s hard he gets really hard, his cock curves up and points to the ceiling while his full balls hang from the base.

After a good long show wanking all over the house he gets back to the chair and pumps a big messy fountain of cum all over himself, all the way up to his shoulder. He looks pretty pleased with the job done and we follow him to clean up in the shower, his long pink uncut dick swinging around while he soaps up.

I wonder how many other lads at the gym have seen him like that in the showers 🙂

Check out some of the tame pics but click here to see him wanking that cream out. I think we’re gonna be seeing him again and I hope we get to see him rubbing dicks with another guy for the first time. A lot of their guys come back to do that eventually and he seems like he’d be pretty cool with trying it.

Run time: 42:51

Click for the video
Click for the video

Source: EnglishLads

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