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Wanking outside with uncut straight jock boy Freddie Rogers

Bonus Video of Freddie Roger’s Photo Shoot – Young Straight Blond Pup Shows us his Uncut Cock in a Blond Fuzz!

Site reviewIt’s been a while since we last saw horny young jock Freddie Rogers. He appeared for a solo photo shoot in 2016, then came back to wank out a cum load on video for the guys and we were all hoping he would be like most of their other straight lads and come back to rub cocks with some of the other guys, but he never did. I guess he might have just been interested in showing off his body and wanking out a cum load to make a little extra cash, but I don’t think we would mind seeing him back to explore things a little more after this bonus video, right guys?

This is a full 30-minute stroke show with the horny lad, shot when he was posing for his photos and wanking outside in the sun.

He’s a confident lad and he has reason to be, he’s got a great body built from years playing all kinds of sports, from football to tennis.

He’s got a pretty thick pink uncut cock with a fat tip on it that bulges out under his foreskin, and when he gets hard his cock throbs with veins and curves up slightly.

It’s a great wank show, with a lot of working out and flexing before he sits back in the sun and strokes himself off to get his thick white cum pumping out over his tight abs.

Occasionally when they bring back a guy in a “bonus” video like this one it means they’re coming back to explore some more cock fun with other lads. I don’t know if Freddie Rogers is gonna be doing that but I don’t think we would say no to watching him frotting with one of their other guys, right?

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One thought on “Wanking outside with uncut straight jock boy Freddie Rogers

  • August 7, 2018 at 8:14 am

    Shame he didn’t come back to wank off with one of the other lads he’s got a nice cock on him.


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